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Title 9

Displaying title 9, up to date as of 9/24/2021. Title 9 was last amended 9/24/2021.
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Title 9 Animals and Animal Products Part / Section
Chapter III Food Safety and Inspection Service, Department of Agriculture 300 – 599
Subchapter A Agency Organization and Terminology; Mandatory Meat and Poultry Products Inspection and Voluntary Inspection and Certification 300 – 381
Part 310 Post-Mortem Inspection 310.1 – 310.28
§ 310.1 Extent and time of post-mortem inspection; post-mortem inspection staffing standards.
§ 310.2 Identification of carcass with certain severed parts thereof and with animal from which derived.
§ 310.3 Carcasses and parts in certain instances to be retained.
§ 310.4 Identification of carcasses and parts; tagging.
§ 310.5 Condemned carcasses and parts to be so marked; tanking; separation.
§ 310.6 Carcasses and parts passed for cooking; marking.
§ 310.7 Removal of spermatic cords, pizzles and preputial diverticuli.
§ 310.8 Passing and marking of carcasses and parts.
§ 310.9 Anthrax; carcasses not to be eviscerated; disposition of affected carcasses; hides, hoofs, horns, hair, viscera and contents, and fat; handling of blood and scalding vat water; general cleanup and disinfection.
§ 310.10 Carcasses with skin or hide on; cleaning before evisceration; removal of larvae of Hypodermae, external parasites and other pathological skin conditions.
§ 310.11 [Reserved]
§ 310.12 Sternum to be split; abdominal and thoracic viscera to be removed.
§ 310.13 Inflating carcasses or parts thereof; transferring caul or other fat.
§ 310.14 Handling of bruised parts.
§ 310.15 Disposition of thyroid glands and laryngeal muscle tissue.
§ 310.16 Disposition of lungs.
§ 310.17 Inspection of mammary glands.
§ 310.18 Contamination of carcasses, organs, or other parts.
§ 310.19 Inspection of kidneys.
§ 310.20 Saving of blood from livestock as an edible product.
§ 310.21 Carcasses suspected of containing sulfa and antibiotic residues; sampling frequency; disposition of affected carcasses and parts.
§ 310.22 Specified risk materials from cattle and their handling and disposition.
§ 310.23 Identification of carcasses and parts of swine.
§ 310.24 [Reserved]
§ 310.25 Contamination with microorganisms; process control verification criteria and testing; pathogen reduction standards.
§ 310.26 Establishment responsibilities under the new swine slaughter inspection system.
§ 310.27 Attestation requirements.
§ 310.28 Severability.