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Title 49

Displaying title 49, up to date as of 9/22/2021. Title 49 was last amended 9/13/2021.
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Title 49 Transportation Part / Section
Subtitle A Office of the Secretary of Transportation 1 – 99
Part 40 Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs 40.1 – 40.413
Subpart A Administrative Provisions 40.1 – 40.7
Subpart B Employer Responsibilities 40.11 – 40.29
Subpart C Urine Collection Personnel 40.31 – 40.37
Subpart D Collection Sites, Forms, Equipment and Supplies Used in DOT Urine Collections 40.41 – 40.51
Subpart E Urine Specimen Collections 40.61 – 40.73
Subpart F Drug Testing Laboratories 40.81 – 40.113
Subpart G Medical Review Officers and the Verification Process 40.121 – 40.169
Subpart H Split Specimen Tests 40.171 – 40.189
Subpart I Problems in Drug Tests 40.191 – 40.210
Subpart J Alcohol Testing Personnel 40.211 – 40.217
Subpart K Testing Sites, Forms, Equipment and Supplies Used in Alcohol Testing 40.221 – 40.235
Subpart L Alcohol Screening Tests 40.241 – 40.247
Subpart M Alcohol Confirmation Tests 40.251 – 40.255
Subpart N Problems in Alcohol Testing 40.261 – 40.277
Subpart O Substance Abuse Professionals and the Return-to-Duty Process 40.281 – 40.313
Subpart P Confidentiality and Release of Information 40.321 – 40.333
Subpart Q Roles and Responsibilities of Service Agents 40.341 – 40.355
Subpart R Public Interest Exclusions 40.361 – 40.413
Appendix A to Part 40
DOT Standards for Urine Collection Kits
Appendix B to Part 40
DOT Drug-Testing Semi-Annual Laboratory Report to Employers
Appendix C to Part 40
DOT Drug-Testing Semi-Annual Laboratory Report to DOT
Appendix D to Part 40
Report Format: Split Specimen Failure To Reconfirm
Appendix E to Part 40
SAP Equivalency Requirements for Certification Organizations
Appendix F to Part 40
Drug and Alcohol Testing Information that C/TPAs May Transmit to Employers
Appendix G to Part 40
Alcohol Testing Form
Appendix H to Part 40
DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Management Information System (MIS) Data Collection Form