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Title 49

Displaying title 49, up to date as of 9/27/2021. Title 49 was last amended 9/27/2021.
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Title 49 Transportation Part / Section
Subtitle A Office of the Secretary of Transportation 1 – 99
Part 40 Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs 40.1 – 40.413
Subpart R Public Interest Exclusions 40.361 – 40.413
§ 40.361 What is the purpose of a public interest exclusion (PIE)?
§ 40.363 On what basis may the Department issue a PIE?
§ 40.365 What is the Department's policy concerning starting a PIE proceeding?
§ 40.367 Who initiates a PIE proceeding?
§ 40.369 What is the discretion of an initiating official in starting a PIE proceeding?
§ 40.371 On what information does an initiating official rely in deciding whether to start a PIE proceeding?
§ 40.373 Before starting a PIE proceeding, does the initiating official give the service agent an opportunity to correct problems?
§ 40.375 How does the initiating official start a PIE proceeding?
§ 40.377 Who decides whether to issue a PIE?
§ 40.379 How do you contest the issuance of a PIE?
§ 40.381 What information do you present to contest the proposed issuance of a PIE?
§ 40.383 What procedures apply if you contest the issuance of a PIE?
§ 40.385 Who bears the burden of proof in a PIE proceeding?
§ 40.387 What matters does the Director decide concerning a proposed PIE?
§ 40.389 What factors may the Director consider?
§ 40.391 What is the scope of a PIE?
§ 40.393 How long does a PIE stay in effect?
§ 40.395 Can you settle a PIE proceeding?
§ 40.397 When does the Director make a PIE decision?
§ 40.399 How does the Department notify service agents of its decision?
§ 40.401 How does the Department notify employers and the public about a PIE?
§ 40.403 Must a service agent notify its clients when the Department issues a PIE?
§ 40.405 May the Federal courts review PIE decisions?
§ 40.407 May a service agent ask to have a PIE reduced or terminated?
§ 40.409 What does the issuance of a PIE mean to transportation employers?
§ 40.411 What is the role of the DOT Inspector General's office?
§ 40.413 How are notices sent to service agents?