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Title 47

Displaying title 47, up to date as of 9/22/2021. Title 47 was last amended 9/22/2021.
There have been changes in the last two weeks to Part 1.
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Title 47 Telecommunication Part / Section
Chapter I Federal Communications Commission 0 – 199
Subchapter A General 0 – 19
Part 1 Practice and Procedure 1.1 – 1.50006
Subpart A General Rules of Practice and Procedure 1.1 – 1.117
Subpart B Hearing Proceedings 1.201 – 1.377
Subpart C Rulemaking Proceedings 1.399 – 1.430
Subpart D [Reserved]
Subpart E Complaints, Applications, Tariffs, and Reports Involving Common Carriers 1.701 – 1.815
Subpart F Wireless Radio Services Applications and Proceedings 1.901 – 1.981
Subpart G Schedule of Statutory Charges and Procedures for Payment 1.1101 – 1.1182
Subpart H Ex Parte Communications 1.1200 – 1.1216
Subpart I Procedures Implementing the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 1.1301 – 1.1320
Subpart J Pole Attachment Complaint Procedures 1.1401 – 1.1415
Subpart K Implementation of the Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA) in Agency Proceedings 1.1501 – 1.1530
Subpart L Random Selection Procedures for Mass Media Services 1.1601 – 1.1623
Subpart M Cable Operations and Licensing System (COALS) 1.1701 – 1.1707
Subpart N Enforcement of Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability In Programs or Activities Conducted By the Federal Communications Commission 1.1801 – 1.1870
Subpart O Collection of Claims Owed the United States 1.1901 – 1.1953
Subpart P Implementation of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 1.2001 – 1.2002
Subpart Q Competitive Bidding Proceedings 1.2101 – 1.2209
Subpart R Implementation of Section 4(g)(3) of the Communications Act: Procedures Governing Acceptance of Unconditional Gifts, Donations and Bequests 1.3000 – 1.3004
Subpart S Preemption of Restrictions That “Impair” the Ability To Receive Television Broadcast Signals, Direct Broadcast Satellite Services, or Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Services or the Ability To Receive or Transmit Fixed Wireless Communications Signals 1.4000
Subpart T Foreign Ownership of Broadcast, Common Carrier, Aeronautical En Route, and Aeronautical Fixed Radio Station Licensees 1.5000 – 1.5004
Subpart U State and Local Government Regulation of the Placement, Construction, and Modification of Personal Wireless Service Facilities 1.6001 – 1.6100
Subpart V Commission Collection of Advanced Telecommunications Capability Data and Local Exchange Competition Data 1.7000 – 1.7010
Subpart W FCC Registration Number 1.8001 – 1.8004
Subpart X Spectrum Leasing 1.9001 – 1.9080
Subpart Y International Bureau Filing System 1.10000 – 1.10018
Subpart Z Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act 1.20000 – 1.20008
Subpart AA Competitive Bidding for Universal Service Support 1.21000 – 1.21004
Subpart BB Disturbance of AM Broadcast Station Antenna Patterns 1.30000 – 1.30004
Subpart CC Review of Applications, Petitions, Other Filings, and Existing Authorizations or Licenses with Reportable Foreign Ownership By Executive Branch Agencies for National Security, Law Enforcement, Foreign Policy, and Trade Policy Concerns 1.40001 – 1.40004
Subpart DD Secure and Trusted Communications Networks 1.50000 – 1.50006
Appendix A to Part 1
A Plan of Cooperative Procedure in Matters and Cases Under the Provisions of Section 410 of the Communications Act of 1934
Appendix B to Part 1
Nationwide Programmatic Agreement for the Collocation of Wireless Antennas
Appendix C to Part 1
Nationwide Programmatic Agreement Regarding the Section 106 National Historic Preservation Act Review Process