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Title 20

Displaying title 20, up to date as of 9/23/2021. Title 20 was last amended 8/27/2021.
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Title 20 Employees' Benefits Part / Section
Chapter V Employment and Training Administration, Department of Labor 600 – 699
Part 662 Description of the One-Stop System Under Title I of the Workforce Investment Act 662.100 – 662.430
Subpart A General Description of the One-Stop Delivery System 662.100
§ 662.100 What is the One-Stop delivery system?
Subpart B One-Stop Partners and the Responsibilities of Partners 662.200 – 662.280
§ 662.200 Who are the required One-Stop partners?
§ 662.210 What other entities may serve as One-Stop partners?
§ 662.220 What entity serves as the One-Stop partner for a particular program in the local area?
§ 662.230 What are the responsibilities of the required One-Stop partners?
§ 662.240 What are a program's applicable core services?
§ 662.250 Where and to what extent must required One-Stop partners make core services available?
§ 662.260 What services, in addition to the applicable core services, are to be provided by One-Stop partners through the One-Stop delivery system?
§ 662.270 How are the costs of providing services through the One-Stop delivery system and the operating costs of the system to be funded?
§ 662.280 Does title I require One-Stop partners to use their funds for individuals who are not eligible for the partner's program or for services that are not authorized under the partner's program?
Subpart C Memorandum of Understanding for the One-Stop Delivery System 662.300 – 662.310
§ 662.300 What is the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)?
§ 662.310 Is there a single MOU for the local area or are there to be separate MOU's between the Local Board and each partner?
Subpart D One-Stop Operators 662.400 – 662.430
§ 662.400 Who is the One-Stop operator?
§ 662.410 How is the One-Stop operator selected?
§ 662.420 Under what limited conditions may the Local Board be designated or certified as the One-Stop operator?
§ 662.430 Under what conditions may One-Stop operators designated to operate in a One-Stop delivery system established prior to the enactment of WIA be designated to continue as a One-Stop operator under WIA without meeting the requirements of § 662.410(b)?