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Title 20

Displaying title 20, up to date as of 9/22/2021. Title 20 was last amended 8/27/2021.
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Title 20 Employees' Benefits Part / Section
Chapter V Employment and Training Administration, Department of Labor 600 – 699
Part 641 Provisions Governing the Senior Community Service Employment Program 641.100 – 641.930
Subpart A Purpose and Definitions 641.100 – 641.140
§ 641.100 What does this part cover?
§ 641.110 What is the SCSEP?
§ 641.120 What are the purposes of the SCSEP?
§ 641.130 What is the scope of this part?
§ 641.140 What definitions apply to this part?
Subpart B Coordination With the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act 641.200 – 641.240
§ 641.200 What is the relationship between the SCSEP and the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act?
§ 641.210 What services, in addition to the applicable career services, must SCSEP grantees and sub-recipients provide through the One-Stop delivery system?
§ 641.220 Does title I of WIOA require the SCSEP to use OAA funds for individuals who are not eligible for SCSEP services or for services that are not authorized under the OAA?
§ 641.230 Must the individual assessment conducted by the SCSEP grantee or sub-recipient and the assessment performed by the One-Stop delivery system be accepted for use by either entity to determine the individual's need for services in the SCSEP and adult programs under title I, subtitle B of WIOA?
§ 641.240 Are SCSEP participants eligible for career and training services under title I of WIOA?
Subpart C The State Plan 641.300 – 641.370
Subpart D Grant Application and Responsibility Review Requirements for State and National SCSEP Grants 641.400 – 641.495
Subpart E Services to Participants 641.500 – 641.585
Subpart F Pilot, Demonstration, and Evaluation Projects 641.600 – 641.640
Subpart G Performance Accountability 641.700 – 641.750
Subpart H Administrative Requirements 641.800 – 641.884
Subpart I Grievance Procedures and Appeals Process 641.900 – 641.930
§ 641.900 What appeal process is available to an applicant that does not receive a grant?
§ 641.910 What grievance procedures must grantees make available to applicants, employees, and participants?
§ 641.920 What actions of the Department may a grantee appeal and what procedures apply to those appeals?
§ 641.930 Is there an alternative dispute resolution process that may be used in place of an OALJ hearing?