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Title 14

Displaying title 14, up to date as of 9/22/2021. Title 14 was last amended 9/15/2021.
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Title 14 Aeronautics and Space Part / Section
Chapter I Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation 1 – 199
Subchapter F Air Traffic and General Operating Rules 89 – 109
Part 91 General Operating and Flight Rules 91.1 – 91.1721
Special Federal Aviation Regulation No. 50-2
Special Flight Rules in the Vicinity of the Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
Special Federal Aviation Regulation No. 60
Air Traffic Control System Emergency Operation
Special Federal Aviation Regulation No. 97
Special Operating Rules for the Conduct of Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) Area Navigation (RNAV) Operations using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in Alaska
Special Federal Aviation Regulation No. 104
Prohibition Against Certain Flights by Syrian Air Carriers to the United States
Subpart A General 91.1 – 91.99
Subpart B Flight Rules 91.101 – 91.199
Subpart C Equipment, Instrument, and Certificate Requirements 91.201 – 91.299
Subpart D Special Flight Operations 91.301 – 91.399
Subpart E Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, and Alterations 91.401 – 91.499
Subpart F Large and Turbine-Powered Multiengine Airplanes and Fractional Ownership Program Aircraft 91.501 – 91.599
Subpart G Additional Equipment and Operating Requirements for Large and Transport Category Aircraft 91.601 – 91.699
Subpart H Foreign Aircraft Operations and Operations of U.S.-Registered Civil Aircraft Outside of the United States; and Rules Governing Persons on Board Such Aircraft 91.701 – 91.799
Subpart I Operating Noise Limits 91.801 – 91.899
Subpart J Waivers 91.901 – 91.999
Subpart K Fractional Ownership Operations 91.1001 – 91.1443
Subpart L Continued Airworthiness and Safety Improvements 91.1501 – 91.1507
Subpart M Special Federal Aviation Regulations 91.1603 – 91.1617
Subpart N Mitsubishi MU-2B Series Special Training, Experience, and Operating Requirements 91.1701 – 91.1721
Appendix A to Part 91
Category II Operations: Manual, Instruments, Equipment, and Maintenance
Appendixes B - C [Reserved]
Appendix D to Part 91
Airports/Locations: Special Operating Restrictions
Appendix E to Part 91
Airplane Flight Recorder Specifications
Appendix F to Part 91
Helicopter Flight Recorder Specifications
Appendix G to Part 91
Operations in Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) Airspace