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Title 10

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§ 431.464 Test procedure for the measurement of energy efficiency, energy consumption, and other performance factors of pumps.

(a) General pumps -

(1) Scope. This paragraph (a) provides the test procedures for determining the constant and variable load pump energy index for:

(i) The following categories of clean water pumps:

(A) End suction close-coupled (ESCC);

(B) End suction frame mounted/own bearings (ESFM);

(C) In-line (IL);

(D) Radially split, multi-stage, vertical, in-line casing diffuser (RSV); and

(E) Submersible turbine (ST) pumps.

(ii) With the following characteristics:

(A) Flow rate of 25 gpm or greater at BEP and full impeller diameter;

(B) Maximum head of 459 feet at BEP and full impeller diameter and the number of stages required for testing (see section 1.2.2 of appendix A of this subpart);

(C) Design temperature range from 14 to 248 °F;

(D) Designed to operate with either:

(1) A 2- or 4-pole induction motor; or

(2) A non-induction motor with a speed of rotation operating range that includes speeds of rotation between 2,880 and 4,320 revolutions per minute (rpm) and/or 1,440 and 2,160 rpm, and in either case, the driver and impeller must rotate at the same speed;

(E) For ST pumps, a 6-inch or smaller bowl diameter; and

(F) For ESCC and ESFM pumps, a specific speed less than or equal to 5,000 when calculated using U.S. customary units.

(iii) Except for the following pumps:

(A) Fire pumps;

(B) Self-priming pumps;

(C) Prime-assist pumps;

(D) Magnet driven pumps;

(E) Pumps designed to be used in a nuclear facility subject to 10 CFR part 50, “Domestic Licensing of Production and Utilization Facilities”; and

(F) Pumps meeting the design and construction requirements set forth in Military Specifications: MIL-P-17639F, “Pumps, Centrifugal, Miscellaneous Service, Naval Shipboard Use” (as amended); MIL-P-17881D, “Pumps, Centrifugal, Boiler Feed, (Multi-Stage)” (as amended); MIL-P-17840C, “Pumps, Centrifugal, Close-Coupled, Navy Standard (For Surface Ship Application)” (as amended); MIL-P-18682D, “Pump, Centrifugal, Main Condenser Circulating, Naval Shipboard” (as amended); and MIL-P-18472G, “Pumps, Centrifugal, Condensate, Feed Booster, Waste Heat Boiler, And Distilling Plant” (as amended). Military specifications and standards are available for review at

(2) Testing and calculations. Determine the applicable constant load pump energy index (PEICL) or variable load pump energy index (PEIVL) using the test procedure set forth in appendix A of this subpart.

(b) Dedicated-purpose pool pumps -

(1) Scope. This paragraph (b) provides the test procedures for determining the weighted energy factor (WEF), rated hydraulic horsepower, dedicated-purpose pool pump nominal motor horsepower, dedicated-purpose pool pump motor total horsepower, dedicated-purpose pool pump service factor, and other pump performance parameters for:

(i) The following varieties of dedicated-purpose pool pumps:

(A) Self-priming pool filter pumps;

(B) Non-self-priming pool filter pumps;

(C) Waterfall pumps; and

(D) Pressure cleaner booster pumps;

(ii) Served by single-phase or polyphase input power;

(iii) Except for:

(A) Submersible pumps; and

(B) Self-priming and non-self-priming pool filter pumps with hydraulic output power greater than or equal to 2.5 horsepower.

(2) Testing and calculations. Determine the weighted energy factor (WEF) using the test procedure set forth in appendix B or appendix C of this subpart, as applicable.

[82 FR 36923, Aug. 7, 2017]