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Title 10

Displaying title 10, up to date as of 9/23/2021. Title 10 was last amended 9/22/2021.
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Title 10 Energy Part / Section
Chapter I Nuclear Regulatory Commission 1 – 199
Part 50 Domestic Licensing of Production and Utilization Facilities 50.1 – 50.155
General Provisions 50.1 – 50.9
Requirement of License, Exceptions 50.10 – 50.13
Classification and Description of Licenses 50.20 – 50.23
Applications for Licenses, Certifications, and Regulatory Approvals; Form; Contents; Ineligibility of Certain Applicants 50.30 – 50.39
Standards for Licenses, Certifications, and Regulatory Approvals 50.40 – 50.49
Issuance, Limitations, and Conditions of Licenses and Construction Permits 50.50 – 50.69
Inspections, Records, Reports, Notifications 50.70 – 50.76
US/IAEA Safeguards Agreement 50.78
Creditors' Rights - Surrender of Licenses 50.80 – 50.83
Amendment of License or Construction Permit at Request of Holder 50.90 – 50.92
Revocation, Suspension, Modification, Amendment of Licenses and Construction Permits, Emergency Operations by the Commission 50.100 – 50.103
Backfitting 50.109
Enforcement 50.110 – 50.111
Additional Standards for Licenses, Certifications, and Regulatory Approvals 50.120 – 50.155
Appendix A to Part 50
General Design Criteria for Nuclear Power Plants
Appendix B to Part 50
Quality Assurance Criteria for Nuclear Power Plants and Fuel Reprocessing Plants
Appendix C to Part 50
A Guide for the Financial Data and Related Information Required To Establish Financial Qualifications for Construction Permits and Combined Licenses
Appendix D to Part 50 [Reserved]
Appendix E to Part 50
Emergency Planning and Preparedness for Production and Utilization Facilities
Appendix F to Part 50
Policy Relating to the Siting of Fuel Reprocessing Plants and Related Waste Management Facilities
Appendix G to Part 50
Fracture Toughness Requirements
Appendix H to Part 50
Reactor Vessel Material Surveillance Program Requirements
Appendix I to Part 50
Numerical Guides for Design Objectives and Limiting Conditions for Operation To Meet the Criterion “As Low as is Reasonably Achievable” for Radioactive Material in Light-Water-Cooled Nuclear Power Reactor Effluents
Appendix J to Part 50
Primary Reactor Containment Leakage Testing for Water-Cooled Power Reactors
Appendix K to Part 50
ECCS Evaluation Models
Appendixes L-M to Part 50 [Reserved]
Appendix N to Part 50
Standardization of Nuclear Power Plant Designs: Permits To Construct and Licenses To Operate Nuclear Power Reactors of Identical Design at Multiple Sites
Appendixes O-P to Part 50 [Reserved]
Appendix Q to Part 50
Pre-Application Early Review of Site Suitability Issues
Appendix R to Part 50
Fire Protection Program for Nuclear Power Facilities Operating Prior to January 1, 1979
Appendix S to Part 50
Earthquake Engineering Criteria for Nuclear Power Plants