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Title 10

Displaying title 10, up to date as of 9/23/2021. Title 10 was last amended 9/22/2021.
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Title 10 Energy Part / Section
Chapter I Nuclear Regulatory Commission 1 – 199
Part 2 Agency Rules of Practice and Procedure 2.1 – 2.1509
§ 2.1 Scope.
§ 2.2 Subparts.
§ 2.3 Resolution of conflict.
§ 2.4 Definitions.
§ 2.8 Information collection requirements: OMB approval.
Subpart A Procedure for Issuance, Amendment, Transfer, or Renewal of a License, and Standard Design Approval 2.100 – 2.111
Subpart B Procedure for Imposing Requirements by Order, or for Modification, Suspension, or Revocation of a License, or for Imposing Civil Penalties 2.200 – 2.206
Subpart C Rules of General Applicability: Hearing Requests, Petitions To Intervene, Availability of Documents, Selection of Specific Hearing Procedures, Presiding Officer Powers, and General Hearing Management for NRC Adjudicatory Hearings 2.300 – 2.390
Subpart D Additional Procedures Applicable to Proceedings for the Issuance of Licenses To Construct and/or Operate Nuclear Power Plants of Identical Design at Multiple Sites 2.400 – 2.407
Subpart E Additional Procedures Applicable to Proceedings for the Issuance of Licenses To Manufacture Nuclear Power Reactors To Be Operated at Sites Not Identified in the License Application and Related Licensing Proceedings 2.500 – 2.504
Subpart F Additional Procedures Applicable to Early Partial Decisions on Site Suitability Issues in Connection With an Application for a Construction Permit or Combined License To Construct Certain Utilization Facilities; and Advance Issuance of Limited Work Authorizations 2.600 – 2.649
Subpart G Rules for Formal Adjudications 2.700 – 2.713
Subpart H Rulemaking 2.800 – 2.819
Subpart I Special Procedures Applicable to Adjudicatory Proceedings Involving Restricted Data and/or National Security Information 2.900 – 2.913
Subpart J Procedures Applicable to Proceedings for the Issuance of Licenses for the Receipt of High-Level Radioactive Waste at a Geologic Repository 2.1000 – 2.1027
Subpart K Hybrid Hearing Procedures for Expansion of Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Capacity at Civilian Nuclear Power Reactors 2.1101 – 2.1119
Subpart L Simplified Hearing Procedures for NRC Adjudications 2.1200 – 2.1213
Subpart M Procedures for Hearings on License Transfer Applications 2.1300 – 2.1331
Subpart N Expedited Proceedings with Oral Hearings 2.1400 – 2.1407
Subpart O Legislative Hearings 2.1500 – 2.1509
Appendix A to Part 2 [Reserved]
Appendix B to 10 CFR Part 2
Model Milestones To Be Used By a Presiding Officer as a Guideline in Developing a Hearing Schedule for the Conduct of an Adjudicatory Proceeding in Accordance With 10 CFR 2.332.
Appendix C to Part 2 [Reserved]
Appendix D to Part 2
Schedule for the Proceeding on Consideration of Construction Authorization for a High-Level Waste Geologic Repository.