§ 780.14 Operation plan: Maps and plans.

Each application shall contain maps and plans as follows:

(a) The maps and plans shall show the lands proposed to be affected throughout the operation and any change in a facility or feature to be caused by the proposed operations, if the facility or feature was shown under 30 CFR 779.24 through 779.25.

(b) The following shall be shown for the proposed permit area:

(1) Buildings, utility corridors and facilities to be used;

(2) The area of land to be affected within the proposed permit area, according to the sequence of mining and reclamation;

(3) Each area of land for which a performance bond or other equivalent guarantee will be posted under subchapter J of this chapter;

(4) Each coal storage, cleaning and loading area;

(5) Each topsoil, spoil, coal waste, and non-coal waste storage area;

(6) Each water diversion, collection, conveyance, treatment, storage, and discharge facility to be used;

(7) Each air pollution collection and control facility;

(8) Each source of waste and each waste disposal facility relating to coal processing or pollution control;

(9) Each facility to be used to protect and enhance fish and wildlife and related environmental values;

(10) Each explosive storage and handling facility; and

(11) Location of each sedimentation pond, permanent water impoundment, coal processing waste bank, and coal processing waste dam and embankment, in accordance with 30 CFR 780.25, and fill area for the disposal of excess spoil in accordance 30 CFR 780.35.

(c) Except as provided in §§ 780.25(a)(2), 780.25(a)(3), 780.35(a), 816.71(b), 816.73(c), 816.74(c) and 816.81(c) of this chapter, cross sections, maps and plans required under paragraphs (b)(4), (5), (6), (10) and (11) of this section shall be prepared by, or under the direction of, and certified by a qualified registered professional engineer, a professional geologist, or in any State which authorizes land surveyors to prepare and certify such cross sections, maps and plans, a qualified, registered, professional, land surveyor, with assistance from experts in related fields such as landscape architecture.

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