§ 112.4 Which farms are subject to the requirements of this part?

(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, a farm or farm mixed-type facility with an average annual monetary value of produce (as “produce” is defined in § 112.3) sold during the previous 3-year period of more than $25,000 (on a rolling basis), adjusted for inflation using 2011 as the baseline year for calculating the adjustment, is a “covered farm” subject to this part. Covered farms subject to this part must comply with all applicable requirements of this part when conducting a covered activity on covered produce.

(b) A farm is not a covered farm if it satisfies the requirements in § 112.5 and we have not withdrawn the farm's exemption in accordance with the requirements of subpart R of this part.

[80 FR 74547, Nov. 27, 2015, as amended at 84 FR 12490, Apr. 2, 2019]