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Updates for September 16, 2021

The Office of the Federal Register updates the material in the eCFR on a daily basis. While we do not make updates in real-time, generally the eCFR is current within two business days.

You can learn more about how the eCFR is updated here.

Reader Aids

Reader Aids help people use and understand the eCFR. Reader Aids information is not published in the Code of Federal Regulations.

Effective regulations inserted from the above-dated Federal Register:
  1. 13 CFR 134
  2. 28 CFR 2
  3. 33 CFR 165
Regulations linked from the above-dated Federal Register:
  1. 16 CFR 680
  2. 40 CFR 9, 721
Regulations inserted that were previously linked and became effective on the date listed above:
  1. 40 CFR 52.2220 (86 FR 45887, Aug. 16, 2021)