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Title 7

Displaying title 7, up to date as of 8/05/2021. Title 7 was last amended 8/05/2021.
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Title 7 Agriculture Part / Section
Subtitle A Office of the Secretary of Agriculture 1 – 26
Part 15F Adjudications Under Section 741 15f.1 – 15f.29
Subpart A What Is the Purpose of These Regulations and to Whom and to What Programs Do They Apply? 15f.1 – 15f.4
§ 15f.1 What is the purpose of these regulations?
§ 15f.2 Who may use these procedures for processing their discrimination complaint with USDA?
§ 15f.3 If I want to use these procedures to have USDA consider my complaint, how long will it take for USDA to make a decision?
§ 15f.4 What do certain words and phrases in these regulations mean?
Subpart B I Filed a Complaint With USDA Prior to July 1, 1997, How Do I Request That USDA Consider My Complaint Using These Procedures? 15f.5 – 15f.7
§ 15f.5 How do I request that USDA consider my complaint under these procedures?
§ 15f.6 What must I say or include in my Section 741 Complaint Request?
§ 15f.7 May I be represented by an attorney?
Subpart C What Happens After I Send in My Section 741 Complaint Request? May I Seek To Resolve My Complaint Informally With OCR? 15f.8 – 15f.10
§ 15f.8 What does the Docketing Clerk do with my Section 741 Complaint Request?
§ 15f.9 What will the Director do to settle my Section 741 Complaint Request when it is received?
§ 15f.10 What if I do not want the Director to review my Section 741 Complaint Request and I want to proceed directly to a hearing?
Subpart D If I Request a Hearing, What Will Happen? How Will the Hearing Be Conducted? 15f.11 – 15f.25
Subpart E What if I Do Not Agree With the Final Determination by USDA? 15f.26
§ 15f.26 May I seek judicial review of the final determination?
Subpart F How Do I Count Days for Purposes of Deadlines and What Happens if I Miss a Deadline in These Rules? 15f.27 – 15f.29
§ 15f.27 When is something considered “filed” as required by these rules and to whom do I need to give copies of what I file?
§ 15f.28 When I or someone else has to do something within a certain number of days, how will USDA or the ALJ count the days?
§ 15f.29 May I request an extension of a deadline or may I get relief for missing a deadline in these rules?