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Title 50

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Title 50

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§ 600.1106 Longline catcher processor subsector Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands (BSAI) non-pollock groundfish species fee payment and collection system.

(a) Purpose. As authorized by Public Law 108 447, this section's purpose is to:

(1) In accordance with § 600.1012, establish:

(i) The borrower's obligation to repay a reduction loan, and

(ii) The loan's principal amount, interest rate, and repayment term; and

(2) In accordance with §§ 600.1013 through 600.1016, implement an industry fee system for the reduction fishery.

(b) Definitions. Unless otherwise defined in this section, the terms defined in § 600.1000 and § 600.1105 expressly apply to this section. In addition, the following definition applies to this section:

Reduction fishery means the longline catcher processor subsector of the BSAI non-pollock groundfish fishery that § 679.2 of this chapter defined as groundfish area/species endorsements.

(c) Reduction loan amount. The reduction loan's original principal amount is $35,000,000.

(d) Interest accrual from inception. Interest began accruing on the reduction loan from May 29, 2007, the date on which NMFS disbursed such loan.

(e) Interest rate. The reduction loan's interest rate shall be the applicable rate which the U.S. Treasury determines at the end of fiscal year 2007 plus 2 percent.

(f) Repayment term. For the purpose of determining fee rates, the reduction loan's repayment term is 30 years from May 29, 2007, but fees shall continue indefinitely for as long as necessary to fully repay the loan.

(g) Reduction loan repayment.

(1) The borrower shall, in accordance with § 600.1012, repay the reduction loan;

(2) For the purpose of the fee collection, deposit, disbursement, and accounting requirements of this subpart, subsector members are deemed to be both the fish buyer and fish seller. In this case, all requirements and penalties of § 600.1013 that are applicable to both a fish seller and a fish buyer shall equally apply to parties performing both functions;

(3) Subsector members in the reduction fishery shall pay and collect the fee amount in accordance with § 600.1105;

(4) Subsector members in the reduction fishery shall, in accordance with § 600.1014, deposit and disburse, as well as keep records for and submit reports about, the fees applicable to such fishery; except the requirements specified under paragraph (c) of this section concerning the deposit principal disbursement shall be made to NMFS no later than fifteen (15) calendar days following the end of each calendar month; and the requirements specified under paragraph (e) of this section concerning annual reports which shall be submitted to NMFS by February 1 of each calendar year; and

(5) The reduction loan is, in all other respects, subject to the provisions of §§ 600.1012 through 600.1017.

[72 FR 54222, Sept. 24, 2007]