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Title 5

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Title 5

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5 U.S.C. 7301; 5 U.S.C. App. (Ethics in Government Act of 1978); 47 U.S.C. 154(b), (j), (i) and 303(r); E.O. 12674, 54 FR 15159, 3 CFR, 1989 Comp., p. 215, as modified by E.O. 12731, 55 FR 42547, 3 CFR, 1990 Comp., p. 306; 5 CFR 2634.103, 2634.601(b), 2634.901(b).


61 FR 56111, Oct. 31, 1996, unless otherwise noted.

§ 3902.101 General.

The regulations in this part apply to employees of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and supplement the Executive Branch Financial Disclosure Regulations contained in 5 CFR part 2634.

§ 3902.102 Employees required to submit FCC Form A54A, “Confidential Supplemental Statement of Employment and Financial Interests.”

All employees, including special Government employees, who are required to file a Standard Form (SF) 278, “Public Financial Disclosure Report,” or a SF/OGE Form 450, “Confidential Financial Disclosure Report,” are also required to file FCC Form A54A, “Confidential Supplemental Statement of Employment and Financial Interests.” The purpose of FCC Form A54A is to require disclosure of income and interest in property and assets valued below the minimum reporting limits for the SF 278 and SF/OGE Form 450 in order to meet the separate requirements of section 4(b) of the Communications Act of 1934, at 47 U.S.C. 154(b).

§ 3902.103 Submission and review of employees' statements.

(a) An employee required to submit a statement of employment and financial interests will be notified individually of his or her obligation to file.

(b) An employee required to submit an FCC Form A54A, “Confidential Supplemental Statement of Employment and Financial Interests” pursuant to § 3902.102 shall submit such statement to the Designated Agency Ethics Official, on the prescribed form, not later than 30 days after his or her entrance on duty, and annually thereafter at the time the employee submits his or her SF 278 or SF/OGE Form 450.

(c) Financial statements submitted under this subpart shall be reviewed by the Designated Agency Ethics Official.

(d) When a statement submitted under this subpart or information from other sources indicates a potential violation of applicable laws and regulations, such as a conflict between the interests of an employee or special Government employee and the performance of his or her services for the Government, the employee concerned shall be provided an opportunity to explain and resolve the potential violation.

(e) When, after explanation by the employee involved, the potential violation of law or regulation is not resolved, the information concerning the potential violation shall be reported to the Chairman by the Designated Agency Ethics Official for appropriate action.

§ 3902.104 Confidentiality of employees' statements.

Each supplemental statement of employment and financial interests shall be held in confidence and shall be retained in the Office of the Designated Agency Ethics Official. Each employee charged with reviewing a statement is responsible for maintaining the statements in confidence and shall not allow access to or allow information to be disclosed from a statement except to carry out the purpose of this part or as otherwise required by law. Information from these statements shall not be disclosed except as the Chairman may determine in accordance with law or regulation.