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Title 5

Displaying title 5, up to date as of 9/20/2021. Title 5 was last amended 9/17/2021.
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Title 5 Administrative Personnel Part / Section
Chapter XIV Federal Labor Relations Authority, General Counsel of the Federal Labor Relations Authority and Federal Service Impasses Panel 2400 – 2499
Subchapter C Federal Labor Relations Authority and General Counsel of the Federal Labor Relations Authority 2420 – 2430
Part 2422 Representation Proceedings 2422.1 – 2422.34
§ 2422.1 What is your purpose for filing a petition?
§ 2422.2 Who may file a petition?
§ 2422.3 What information should you include in your petition?
§ 2422.4 What service requirements must you meet when filing a petition?
§ 2422.5 Where do you file petitions?
§ 2422.6 How are parties notified of the filing of a petition?
§ 2422.7 Will an activity or agency post a notice of filing of a petition?
§ 2422.8 What is required to file an intervention or cross-petition?
§ 2422.9 How is the adequacy of a showing of interest determined?
§ 2422.10 How do you challenge the validity of a showing of interest?
§ 2422.11 How do you challenge the status of a labor organization?
§ 2422.12 What circumstances does the Region consider to determine whether your petition is timely filed?
§ 2422.13 How are issues raised by your petition resolved?
§ 2422.14 What is the effect of your withdrawal or the Regional Director's dismissal of a petition?
§ 2422.15 Do parties have a duty to provide information and cooperate after a petition is filed?
§ 2422.16 May parties enter into election agreements, and if they do not will the Regional Director direct an election?
§ 2422.17 What are a notice of hearing and prehearing conference?
§ 2422.18 What is the purpose of a representation hearing and what procedures are followed?
§ 2422.19 When is it appropriate for a party to file a motion at a representation hearing?
§ 2422.20 What rights do parties have at a hearing?
§ 2422.21 What are the duties and powers of the Hearing Officer?
§ 2422.22 What are objections and exceptions concerning the conduct of the hearing?
§ 2422.23 What election procedures are followed?
§ 2422.24 What are challenged ballots?
§ 2422.25 When does the Region tally the ballots?
§ 2422.26 How are objections to the election processed?
§ 2422.27 How does the Region address determinative challenged ballots and objections?
§ 2422.28 When is a runoff election required?
§ 2422.29 How does the Region address an inconclusive election?
§ 2422.30 When does a Regional Director investigate a petition, issue notices of hearings, take actions, and issue Decisions and Orders?
§ 2422.31 When do you file an application for review of a Regional Director Decision and Order?
§ 2422.32 When does a Regional Director issue a certification or a revocation of certification?
§ 2422.33 Relief under part 2423 of this chapter.
§ 2422.34 What are the parties' rights and obligations when a representation proceeding is pending?