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Title 5

Displaying title 5, up to date as of 9/24/2021. Title 5 was last amended 9/24/2021.
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Title 5 Administrative Personnel Part / Section
Chapter XIV Federal Labor Relations Authority, General Counsel of the Federal Labor Relations Authority and Federal Service Impasses Panel 2400 – 2499
Subchapter B General Provisions 2400 – 2418
Part 2418 FLRA Debt Collection 2418.1 – 2418.20
Subpart A General Provisions 2418.1 – 2418.3
§ 2418.1 What definitions apply to the regulations in this part?
§ 2418.2 Why is the FLRA issuing these regulations, and what do they cover?
§ 2418.3 Do these regulations adopt the Federal Claims Collection Standards (FCCS)?
Subpart B Procedures to Collect FLRA Debts 2418.4 – 2418.18
§ 2418.4 What notice will the FLRA send to a debtor when collecting an FLRA debt?
§ 2418.5 How will the FLRA add interest, penalty charges, and administrative costs to an FLRA debt?
§ 2418.6 When will the FLRA allow a debtor to pay an FLRA debt in installments instead of one lump sum?
§ 2418.7 When will the FLRA compromise an FLRA debt?
§ 2418.8 When will the FLRA suspend or terminate debt collection on an FLRA debt?
§ 2418.9 When will the FLRA transfer an FLRA debt to the Treasury Department's Financial Management Service for collection?
§ 2418.10 How will the FLRA use administrative offset (offset of non-tax Federal payments) to collect an FLRA debt?
§ 2418.11 How will the FLRA use tax-refund offset to collect an FLRA debt?
§ 2418.12 How will the FLRA offset a Federal employee's salary to collect an FLRA debt?
§ 2418.13 How will the FLRA use administrative wage garnishment to collect an FLRA debt from a debtor's wages?
§ 2418.14 How will the FLRA report FLRA debts to credit bureaus?
§ 2418.15 How will the FLRA refer FLRA debts to private collection agencies?
§ 2418.16 When will the FLRA refer FLRA debts to the Department of Justice?
§ 2418.17 How does a debtor request a special review based on a change in circumstances such as catastrophic illness, divorce, death, or disability?
§ 2418.18 Will the FLRA issue a refund if money is erroneously collected on a debt?
Subpart C Procedures for Offset of FLRA Payments to Collect Debts Owed to Other Federal Agencies 2418.19 – 2418.20
§ 2418.19 How do other Federal agencies use the offset process to collect debts from payments issued by the FLRA?
§ 2418.20 What does the FLRA do upon receipt of a request to offset the salary of an FLRA employee to collect a debt owed by the employee to another Federal agency?
Appendix A to Part 2418
Waiving Claims Against FLRA Employees for Erroneous Payments