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Title 5

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Title 5

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5 U.S.C. 7301; 5 U.S.C. App. (Ethics in Government Act of 1978); E.O. 12674, 54 FR 15159, 3 CFR, 1989 Comp., p. 215, as modified by E.O. 12731, 55 FR 42547, 3 CFR, 1990 Comp., p. 306; 5 CFR 2635.105, 2635.801, 2635.802, 2635.803.


76 FR 22295, Apr. 21, 2011, unless otherwise noted.

§ 8001.101 General.

(a) Purpose. In accordance with 5 CFR 2635.105, the regulations in this part apply to the employees of the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA or Agency), and the employees of the Pretrial Services Agency (PSA or Agency), an independent entity within CSOSA. The regulations in this part supplement the Standards of Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch contained in 5 CFR part 2635.

(b) Cross-references. In addition to 5 CFR part 2635 and this part, CSOSA and PSA employees are subject to the executive branch financial disclosure regulations at 5 CFR part 2634, the regulations concerning executive branch financial interest contained in 5 CFR part 2640, and the regulations concerning executive branch employee responsibilities and conduct contained in 5 CFR part 735.

§ 8001.102 Prior approval for outside employment.

(a) Prior approval requirement. An employee, other than a special Government employee, must obtain written approval from the employee's immediate supervisor and the Designated Agency Ethics Official (DAEO) before engaging in any outside employment, whether or not for compensation.

(b) Definition of employment. For purposes of this section, “employment” means any form of non-Federal employment, business relationship or activity involving the provision of personal services by the employee, whether or not for compensation. It includes, but is not limited to, personal services as an officer, director, employee, agent, attorney, consultant, contractor, general partner, trustee, teacher, or speaker. It includes writing when done under an arrangement with another person for production or publication of the written product. It does not, however, include participation in the activities of a nonprofit charitable, religious, professional, social, fraternal, educational, recreational, public service, or civic organization, unless the participation involves the provision of professional services or advice for compensation other than reimbursement for actual expenses, the organization's activities are devoted substantially to matters relating to the employee's official duties, or involves conduct prohibited by statute or Federal regulation, including 5 CFR part 2635 and paragraph (c) of this section.

(c) Standard of approval. Approval shall be granted only upon a determination that the outside employment or activity is not expected to involve conduct prohibited by statute or Federal regulation, including 5 CFR part 2635. The employee's immediate supervisor and the DAEO shall approve or deny the employee's request for prior approval of outside employment within seven (7) calendar days of receiving from the employee complete information necessary to make such a determination.

(d) Scope of approval. Approval will be for a period of three years, after which the employee must request renewed approval in accordance with this section. If during the approved three-year period there is a significant change in the nature or scope of the outside employment or in the employee's Agency position or duties, the employee shall submit a renewed request for approval within ten (10) calendar days of the change.

(e) Submission of application. The employee shall submit the request on a form provided by the DAEO through the employee's immediate supervisor. The request must be submitted not less than ten (10) calendar days prior to the date the proposed employment will begin, in order to allow for completion of the review before the anticipated start of the outside employment. The form shall set forth at the minimum the description of the employee's current position; information on the prospective employment, including the nature of the service to be performed, the anticipated date, and number of hours of work per week; whether the prospective employer has any contractual relationship with the Federal government; whether the employee will come in contact with defendants, offenders, family members, or their representatives in the course of the outside employment; whether the prospective employment involves any criminal justice matters; whether the employee will be required to testify as an expert witness in any matter related to the prospective employment; and whether the prospective employment involves solicitation or advertising services.

(f) Appeal. If the Designated Agency Ethics Official denied the request, the employee may appeal that decision to the Agency Director.