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Title 47

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Title 47

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§ 1.104 Preserving the right of review; deferred consideration of application for review.

(a) The provisions of this section apply to all final actions taken pursuant to delegated authority, including final actions taken by members of the Commission's staff on nonhearing matters. They do not apply to interlocutory actions of a presiding officer in hearing proceedings, or to orders designating a matter for hearing issued under delegated authority. See §§ 1.106(a) and 1.115(e).

(b) Any person desiring Commission consideration of a final action taken pursuant to delegated authority shall file either a petition for reconsideration or an application for review (but not both) within 30 days from the date of public notice of such action, as that date is defined in § 1.4(b). The petition for reconsideration will be acted on by the designated authority or referred by such authority to the Commission: Provided that a petition for reconsideration of an order designating a matter for hearing will in all cases be referred to the Commission. The application for review will be acted upon by the Commission, except in those cases where a Bureau or Office has been delegated authority to dismiss an application for review.


In those cases where the Commission does not intend to release a document containing the full text of its action, it will state that fact in the public notice announcing its action.

(c) If in any matter one party files a petition for reconsideration and a second party files an application for review, the Commission will withhold action on the application for review until final action has been taken on the petition for reconsideration.

(d) Any person who has filed a petition for reconsideration may file an application for review within 30 days from the date of public notice of such action, as that date is defined in § 1.4(b) of these rules. If a petition for reconsideration has been filed, any person who has filed an application for review may:

(1) Withdraw his application for review, or

(2) substitute an amended application therefor.

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