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Title 46

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Title 46

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46 U.S.C. 2103, 2104(a), 9303, 9304; Department of Homeland Security Delegation No. 0170.1(II)(92.a), (92.f).


60 FR 18369, Apr. 11, 1995, unless otherwise noted. Redesignated by USCG-1998-3976, 63 FR 35139, June 29, 1998.

Subpart A - General

60 FR 18369, Apr. 11, 1995, unless otherwise noted. Redesignated at 61 FR 32655, June 25, 1996.

§ 403.100 Applicability of system of accounts and reports.

Each Association shall keep its books of account, records and memoranda, and make reports to the Director in accordance with the guidelines of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board. These guidelines are available by writing to the Director, Great Lakes Pilotage at the address listed in § 401.110(a)(9) of this chapter.

[60 FR 18369, Apr. 11, 1995. Redesignated and amended at 61 FR 32655, June 25, 1996, and further redesignated and amended by USCG-1998-3976, 63 FR 35139, 35140, June 29, 1998]

§ 403.105 Records.

(a) Each Association shall maintain the general books of account and all books, records, and supporting memoranda in such manner as to provide, at any time, full information relating to any account. Supporting memoranda must provide sufficient information to verify the nature and character of each entry and its proper classification.

(b) Each Association shall maintain all books, records and memoranda in a manner that will readily permit audit and examination by the Director or the Director's representatives. All books, records and memoranda shall be protected from loss, theft, or damage by fire, flood or otherwise, and shall be retained for 10 years unless otherwise authorized by the Director.

§ 403.110 Accounting entities.

(a) Each Association shall be a separate accounting entity. However, the records shall be maintained with sufficient particularity to allocate items to each pilotage pool operation or nonpool operation and to support the equitable proration of items that are common to two or more pilotage pools.

(b) Each Association will maintain a separate account called the “Working Capital Fund.” Each Association will deposit into the working capital fund an amount each year at least equal to the amount calculated in Step 5, 46 CFR 404.105. Working capital funds may only be used for infrastructure improvements and infrastructure maintenance necessary to provide safe, efficient, and reliable pilot service such as pilot boat replacements, major repairs to pilot boats, non-recurring technology purchases necessary for providing pilot services, or for the acquisition of real property for use as a dispatch center, office space, or pilot lodging. The Director may grant exceptions to the requirements of this paragraph (403.110(b)) upon request by an Association.

[60 FR 18369, Apr. 11, 1995, as amended by USCG-2019-0736, 85 FR 20120, Apr. 9, 2020]

§ 403.115 Accounting period.

Each Association subject to this part shall maintain its accounts on a calendar year basis unless otherwise approved by the Director.

Subpart B - Inter-Association Settlements

60 FR 18369, Apr. 11, 1995, unless otherwise noted. Redesignated at 61 FR 32655, June 25, 1996, and further redesignated by USCG-1998-3976, 63 FR 35139, June 29, 1998.

§ 403.200 General.

Each Association that shares revenues and expenses with the Canadian Great Lakes Pilotage Authority (GLPA) shall submit settlement statements regarding these activities. The settlement statements shall be completed in accordance with the terms of agreements between the United States and Canada and guidance from the Director of Great Lakes Pilotage.

Subpart C - Reporting Requirements
§ 403.300 Financial reporting requirements.

(a) Each association must maintain records for dispatching, billing, and invoicing, and make them available for Director's inspection, using the system currently approved by the Director.

(b) Each association must submit the compiled financial data and any other required statistical data, and written certification of the data's accuracy signed by an officer of the association, to the Director within 30 days of the end of the annual reporting period, unless otherwise authorized by the Director.

(c) By April 1 of each year, each association must obtain an unqualified audit report for the preceding year, audited and prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards by an independent certified public accountant, and electronically submit that report with any associated settlement statements to the Director by April 7.

[USCG-2015-0497, 81 FR 11941, Mar. 7, 2016]

Subpart D - Source Forms
§ 403.400 Uniform pilot's source form.

(a) Each association must record pilotage transactions using the system currently approved by the Director.

(b) Each pilot must complete a source form in detail as soon as possible after completion of an assignment, with adequate support for reimbursable travel expenses.

(c) Upon receipt, each association must complete the source form by inserting the rates and charges specified in 46 CFR part 401.

[USCG-2015-0497, 81 FR 11941, Mar. 7, 2016]