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Title 46

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Title 46

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§ 56.01-10 Plan approval.

(a) Plans and specifications for new construction and major alterations showing the respective piping systems shall be submitted, as required by subpart 50.20 of this subchapter.

(b) Piping materials and appliances, such as pipe, tubing, fittings, flanges, and valves, except safety valves and safety relief valves covered in part 162 of subchapter Q (Specifications) of this chapter, are not required to be specifically approved by the Commandant, but shall comply with the applicable requirements for materials, construction, markings, and testing. These materials and appliances shall be certified as described in part 50 of this subchapter. Drawings listing material specifications and showing details of welded joints for pressure-containing appurtenances of welded construction shall be submitted in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section.


(1) Prior to installation aboard ship, diagrams of the following systems shall be submitted for approval:

(i) Steam and exhaust piping.

(ii) Boiler feed and blowoff piping.

(iii) Safety valve escape piping.

(iv) Fuel oil service, transfer and filling piping. (Service includes boiler fuel and internal combustion engine fuel piping.)

(v) Fire extinguishing systems including fire main and sprinkler piping, inert gas and foam.

(vi) Bilge and ballast piping.

(vii) Tank cleaning piping.

(viii) Condenser circulating water piping.

(ix) Vent, sound and overflow piping.

(x) Sanitary drains, soil drains, deck drains, and overboard discharge piping.

(xi) Internal combustion engine exhaust piping. (Refer to part 58 of this subchapter for requirements.)

(xii) Cargo piping.

(xiii) Hot water heating systems if the temperature is greater than 121 °C(250 °F).

(xiv) Compressed air piping.

(xv) Fluid power and control systems (hydraulic, pneumatic). (Refer to subpart 58.30 of this subchapter for specific requirements.)

(xvi) Lubricating oil piping.

(xvii) Refrigeration and air conditioning piping. (Refer to part 58 of this subchapter for specific requirements.)

(2) Arrangement drawings of the following systems shall also be submitted prior to installation:

(i) All Classes I, I-L, and II-L systems.

(ii) All Class II firemain, foam, sprinkler, bilge and ballast, vent sounding and overflow systems.

(iii) Other Class II systems only if specifically requested or required by regulations in this subchapter.


(1) The drawings or diagrams shall include a list of material, furnishing pipe diameters, wall thicknesses, design pressure, fluid temperature, applicable ASTM material or ANSI component specification, type, size, design standard, and rating of valves, flanges, and fittings.

(2) Pump rated capacity and pump shutoff head shall appear on piping diagrams. Pump characteristic curves shall be submitted for all pumps in the firemain and foam systems. These curves need not be submitted if the following information is shown on the drawing:

(i) Rated capacity and head at rated capacity.

(ii) Shutoff head.

(iii) Head at 150 percent rated capacity.

(3) Standard drawings of the following fabrication details shall be submitted:

(i) Welding details for piping connections.

(ii) Welding details for nonstandard fittings (when appropriate).

(d-1) Plans of piping for industrial systems on mobile offshore drilling units must be submitted under subpart 58.60 of this subchapter.

(e) Where piping passes through watertight bulkheads and/or fire boundaries, plans of typical details of piping penetrations shall be submitted.

(f) Arrangement drawings specified in paragraph (c)(2) of this section are not required if -

(1) The location of each component for which there is a location requirement (i.e., shell penetration, fire station, foam monitor, etc.) is indicated on the piping diagram;

(2) The diagram includes, or is accompanied by and makes reference to, a material schedule which describes components in sufficient detail to substantiate their compliance with the regulations of this subchapter;

(3) A thermal stress analysis is not required; and

(4) A dynamic analysis is neither required nor elected in lieu of allowable stress reduction.

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