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Title 46

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Title 46

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§ 11.464 Requirements for national endorsements as master of towing vessels.

(a) An applicant for an endorsement as master of towing vessels with a route listed in column 1 of table 1 to this section, must complete the service requirements indicated in columns 2 through 5. Applicants may serve on the subordinate routes listed in column 5 without further endorsement.

Table 1 to § 11.464(a) - Requirements for Endorsement as Master of Towing Vessels1

1 2 3 4 5
Route endorsed Total
on T/V
as mate
TOS3 on
route authorized
(1) OCEANS (O) 48 18 3 NC, GL-I.
(2) NEAR-COASTAL (NC) 48 18 3 GL-I.
(3) GREAT LAKES-INLAND (GL-I) 48 18 3 None.
(4) WESTERN RIVERS (WR) 48 18 3 None.

(b) A person holding this endorsement may qualify for an STCW endorsement, according to §§ 11.307, 11.311, 11.313, and 11.315 of this part.

(c) To obtain an endorsement as master of towing vessels (limited), applicants must complete the requirements listed in columns 2 through 5 of table 1 to paragraph (c) of this section.

Table 1 to § 11.464(c) - Requirements for National Endorsement as Master of Towing Vessels (Limited)

1 2 3 4 5
Route endorsed Total
on T/V as
apprentice mate (steersman)
or an
TOS on

(d) Those holding a license or MMC endorsement as mate (pilot) of towing vessels, may have master of towing vessels (limited) added to their MMC for a limited local area within the scope of their current route.

(e) Before serving as master of towing vessels on the Western Rivers, mariners must possess 90 days of observation and training and their MMC must include an endorsement for Western Rivers.

(f) Each company must maintain evidence that every vessel it operates is under the direction and control of a mariner with the appropriate endorsement and experience, including 30 days of observation and training on the intended route other than Western Rivers.

(g) Those holding a license or MMC endorsement as a master of self-propelled vessels of more than 200 GRT, may operate towing vessels within any restrictions on their endorsement if they -

(1) Have a minimum of 30 days of training and observation on towing vessels for the route being assessed, except as noted in paragraph (e) of this section; and

(2) Either -

(i) Hold a completed Towing Officer Assessment Record (TOAR) described in § 10.404(c) of this part that shows evidence of assessment of practical demonstration of skills; or

(ii) Complete an approved training course.

(h) A license or MMC does not need to include a towing endorsement if mariners hold a TOAR or complete an approved training course.

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