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Title 43

Displaying title 43, up to date as of 9/16/2021. Title 43 was last amended 9/07/2021.
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Title 43 Public Lands: Interior Part / Section
Subtitle B Regulations Relating to Public Lands 400 – 10099
Chapter II Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior 1000 – 9999
Subchapter B Land Resource Management (2000) Group 2000 - Land Resource Management; General 2090 – 2933.33
Part 2800 Rights-of-Way Under the Federal Land Policy and Management Act 2801.2 – 2809.19
Subpart 2804 Applying for FLPMA Grants 2804.10 – 2804.40
§ 2804.10 What should I do before I file my application?
§ 2804.11 Where do I file my grant application?
§ 2804.12 What must I do when submitting my application?
§ 2804.13 Will BLM keep my information confidential?
§ 2804.14 What is the processing fee for a grant application?
§ 2804.15 When does BLM reevaluate the processing and monitoring fees?
§ 2804.16 Who is exempt from paying processing and monitoring fees?
§ 2804.17 What is a Master Agreement (Processing Category 5) and what information must I provide to BLM when I request one?
§ 2804.18 What provisions do Master Agreements contain and what are their limitations?
§ 2804.19 How will BLM process my Processing Category 6 application?
§ 2804.20 How does BLM determine reasonable costs for Processing Category 6 or Monitoring Category 6 applications?
§ 2804.21 What other factors will BLM consider in determining processing and monitoring fees?
§ 2804.22 How will the availability of funds affect the timing of BLM's processing?
§ 2804.23 When will the BLM use a competitive process?
§ 2804.24 Do I always have to submit an application for a grant using Standard Form 299?
§ 2804.25 How will BLM process my application?
§ 2804.26 Under what circumstances may BLM deny my application?
§ 2804.27 What fees must I pay if BLM denies my application or if I withdraw my application?
§ 2804.28 What processing fees must I pay for a BLM grant application associated with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) licenses or re-license applications under part I of the Federal Power Act (FPA)?
§ 2804.29 What activities may I conduct on the lands covered by the proposed right-of-way while BLM is processing my application?
§ 2804.30 What is the competitive process for solar or wind energy development for lands outside of designated leasing areas?
§ 2804.31 How will the BLM call for site testing for solar and wind energy?
§ 2804.35 How will the BLM prioritize my solar or wind energy application?
§ 2804.40 Alternative requirements.