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Title 42

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Title 42

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§ 493.553 Approval process (application and reapplication) for accreditation organizations and State licensure programs.

(a) Information required. An accreditation organization that applies or reapplies to CMS for deeming authority, or a State licensure program that applies or reapplies to CMS for exemption from CLIA program requirements of licensed or approved laboratories within the State, must provide the following information:

(1) A detailed comparison of the individual accreditation, or licensure or approval requirements with the comparable condition-level requirements; that is, a crosswalk.

(2) A detailed description of the inspection process, including the following:

(i) Frequency of inspections.

(ii) Copies of inspection forms.

(iii) Instructions and guidelines.

(iv) A description of the review and decision-making process of inspections.

(v) A statement concerning whether inspections are announced or unannounced.

(vi) A description of the steps taken to monitor the correction of deficiencies.

(3) A description of the process for monitoring PT performance, including action to be taken in response to unsuccessful participation in a CMS-approved PT program.

(4) Procedures for responding to and for the investigation of complaints against its laboratories.

(5) A list of all its current laboratories and the expiration date of their accreditation or licensure, as applicable.

(6) Procedures for making PT information available (under State confidentiality and disclosure requirements, if applicable) including explanatory information required to interpret PT results, on a reasonable basis, upon request of any person.

(b) CMS action on an application or reapplication. If CMS receives an application or reapplication from an accreditation organization, or State licensure program, CMS takes the following actions:

(1) CMS determines if additional information is necessary to make a determination for approval or denial of the application and notifies the accreditation organization or State to afford it an opportunity to provide the additional information.

(2) CMS may visit the accreditation organization or State licensure program offices to review and verify the policies and procedures represented in its application and other information, including, but not limited to, review and examination of documents and interviews with staff.

(3) CMS notifies the accreditation organization or State licensure program indicating whether CMS approves or denies the request for deeming authority or exemption, respectively, and the rationale for any denial.

(c) Duration of approval. CMS approval may not exceed 6 years.

(d) Withdrawal of application. The accreditation organization or State licensure program may withdraw its application at any time before official notification, specified at § 493.553(b)(3).