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Title 42

Displaying title 42, up to date as of 9/16/2021. Title 42 was last amended 9/15/2021.
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Title 42 Public Health Part / Section
Chapter IV Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Department of Health and Human Services 400 – 699
Subchapter B Medicare Program 405 – 429
Part 410 Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) Benefits 410.1 – 410.175
Subpart B Medical and Other Health Services 410.10 – 410.79
§ 410.10 Medical and other health services: Included services.
§ 410.12 Medical and other health services: Basic conditions and limitations.
§ 410.14 Special requirements for services furnished outside the United States.
§ 410.15 Annual wellness visits providing Personalized Prevention Plan Services: Conditions for and limitations on coverage.
§ 410.16 Initial preventive physical examination: Conditions for and limitations on coverage.
§ 410.17 Cardiovascular disease screening tests.
§ 410.18 Diabetes screening tests.
§ 410.19 Ultrasound screening for abdominal aortic aneurysms: Condition for and limitation on coverage.
§ 410.20 Physicians' services.
§ 410.21 Limitations on services of a chiropractor.
§ 410.22 Limitations on services of an optometrist.
§ 410.23 Screening for glaucoma: Conditions for and limitations on coverage.
§ 410.24 Limitations on services of a doctor of dental surgery or dental medicine.
§ 410.25 Limitations on services of a podiatrist.
§ 410.26 Services and supplies incident to a physician's professional services: Conditions.
§ 410.27 Therapeutic outpatient hospital or CAH services and supplies incident to a physician's or nonphysician practitioner's service: Conditions.
§ 410.28 Hospital or CAH diagnostic services furnished to outpatients: Conditions.
§ 410.29 Limitations on drugs and biologicals.
§ 410.30 Prescription drugs used in immunosuppressive therapy.
§ 410.31 Bone mass measurement: Conditions for coverage and frequency standards.
§ 410.32 Diagnostic x-ray tests, diagnostic laboratory tests, and other diagnostic tests: Conditions.
§ 410.33 Independent diagnostic testing facility.
§ 410.34 Mammography services: Conditions for and limitations on coverage.
§ 410.35 X-ray therapy and other radiation therapy services: Scope.
§ 410.36 Medical supplies, appliances, and devices: Scope.
§ 410.37 Colorectal cancer screening tests: Conditions for and limitations on coverage.
§ 410.38 Durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and supplies (DMEPOS): Scope and conditions.
§ 410.39 Prostate cancer screening tests: Conditions for and limitations on coverage.
§ 410.40 Coverage of ambulance services.
§ 410.41 Requirements for ambulance providers and suppliers.
§ 410.42 Limitations on coverage of certain services furnished to hospital outpatients.
§ 410.43 Partial hospitalization services: Conditions and exclusions.
§ 410.45 Rural health clinic services: Scope and conditions.
§ 410.46 Physician and other practitioner services furnished in or at the direction of an IHS or Indian tribal hospital or clinic: Scope and conditions.
§ 410.47 Pulmonary rehabilitation program: Conditions for coverage.
§ 410.48 Kidney disease education services.
§ 410.49 Cardiac rehabilitation program and intensive cardiac rehabilitation program: Conditions of coverage.
§ 410.50 Institutional dialysis services and supplies: Scope and conditions.
§ 410.52 Home dialysis services, supplies, and equipment: Scope and conditions.
§ 410.55 Services related to kidney donations: Conditions.
§ 410.56 Screening pelvic examinations.
§ 410.57 Pneumococcal vaccine and flu vaccine.
§ 410.58 Additional services to HMO and CMP enrollees.
§ 410.59 Outpatient occupational therapy services: Conditions.
§ 410.60 Outpatient physical therapy services: Conditions.
§ 410.61 Plan of treatment requirements for outpatient rehabilitation services.
§ 410.62 Outpatient speech-language pathology services: Conditions and exclusions.
§ 410.63 Hepatitis B vaccine and blood clotting factors: Conditions.
§ 410.64 Additional preventive services.
§ 410.66 Emergency outpatient services furnished by a nonparticipating hospital and services furnished in a foreign country.
§ 410.67 Medicare coverage and payment of Opioid use disorder treatment services furnished by Opioid treatment programs.
§ 410.68 Antigens: Scope and conditions.
§ 410.69 Services of a certified registered nurse anesthetist or an anesthesiologist's assistant: Basic rule and definitions.
§ 410.71 Clinical psychologist services and services and supplies incident to clinical psychologist services.
§ 410.73 Clinical social worker services.
§ 410.74 Physician assistants' services.
§ 410.75 Nurse practitioners' services.
§ 410.76 Clinical nurse specialists' services.
§ 410.77 Certified nurse-midwives' services: Qualifications and conditions.
§ 410.78 Telehealth services.
§ 410.79 Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program expanded model: Conditions of coverage.