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Title 42

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Title 42

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§ 410.28 Hospital or CAH diagnostic services furnished to outpatients: Conditions.

(a) Medicare Part B pays for hospital or CAH diagnostic services furnished to outpatients, including drugs and biologicals required in the performance of the services (even if those drugs or biologicals are self-administered), if those services meet the following conditions:

(1) They are furnished by or under arrangements made by a participating hospital or participating CAH, except in the case of an SNF resident as provided in § 411.15(p) of this chapter.

(2) They are ordinarily furnished by, or under arrangements made by, the hospital or CAH to its outpatients for the purpose of diagnostic study.

(3) They would be covered as inpatient hospital services if furnished to an inpatient.

(b) Drugs and biologicals are also subject to the limitations specified in § 410.29(b) and (c).

(c) Diagnostic services furnished by an entity other than the hospital or CAH are subject to the limitations specified in § 410.42(a).

(d) Rules on emergency services furnished to outpatients by nonparticipating hospitals are set forth in subpart G of part 424 of this chapter.

(e) Medicare Part B makes payment under section 1833(t) of the Act for diagnostic services furnished by or under arrangements made by the participating hospital only when the diagnostic services are furnished under the appropriate level of physician supervision specified by CMS in accordance with the definitions in this paragraph and in § 410.32(b)(3)(i), (b)(3)(ii), and (b)(3)(iii). Under general supervision at a facility accorded provider-based status, the training of the nonphysician personnel who actually perform the diagnostic procedure and the maintenance of the necessary equipment and supplies are the continuing responsibility of the facility. In addition -

(1) For services furnished directly or under arrangement in the hospital or in an on-campus or off-campus outpatient department of the hospital, as defined in § 413.65 of this chapter, “direct supervision” means that the physician must be immediately available to furnish assistance and direction throughout the performance of the procedure. It does not mean that the physician must be present in the room where the procedure is performed. During a Public Health Emergency, as defined in § 400.200 of this chapter, the presence of the physician includes virtual presence through audio/video real-time communications technology when use of such technology is indicated to reduce exposure risks for the beneficiary or health care provider.

(2) For services furnished under arrangement in nonhospital locations, “direct supervision” means the definition specified in § 410.32(b)(3)(ii).

(f) The rules for clinical diagnostic laboratory tests set forth in §§ 410.32(a) and (d)(2) through (d)(4) of this subpart are applicable to those tests when furnished in hospitals and CAHs.

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