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Title 40

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Title 40

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§ 271.6 Program description.

Any State that seeks to administer a program under this subpart shall submit a description of the program it proposes to administer in lieu of the Federal program under State law or under an interstate compact. The program description shall include:

(a) A description in narrative form of the scope, structure, coverage and processes of the State program.

(b) A description (including organization charts) of the organization and structure of the State agency or agencies which will have responsibility for administering the program, including the information listed below. If more than one agency is responsible for administration of a program, each agency must have statewide jurisdiction over a class of activities. The responsibilities of each agency must be delineated, their procedures for coordination set forth, and an agency must be designated as a “lead agency” to facilitate communications between EPA and the State agencies having program responsibilities. When the State proposes to administer a program of greater scope of coverage than is required by Federal law, the information provided under this paragraph shall indicate the resources dedicated to administering the Federally required portion of the program.

(1) A description of the State agency staff who will carry out the State program, including the number, occupations, and general duties of the employees. The State need not submit complete job descriptions for every employee carrying out the State program.

(2) An itemization of the estimated costs of establishing and administering the program, including cost of the personnel listed in paragraph (b)(1) of this section, cost of administrative support, and cost of technical support. This estimate must cover the first two years after program approval.

(3) An itemization of the sources and amounts of funding, including an estimate of Federal grant money, available to the State Director to meet the costs listed in paragraph (b)(2) of this section, identifying any restrictions or limitations upon this funding. This estimate must cover the first two years after program approval.

(c) A description of applicable State procedures, including permitting procedures and any State administrative or judicial review procedures.

(d) Copies of the permit form(s), application form(s), and reporting form(s) the State intends to employ in its program. Forms used by the State for hazardous waste management need not be identical to the forms used by EPA but should require the same basic information, except that the State RCRA program must require the use of EPA Manifest Forms 8700-22 and 8700-22A. Where the State preprints information on the Manifest forms, such forms must be submitted with the State's application for approval. Restrictions on preprinting by the States are identified in 40 CFR 271.10(h). Otherwise, the State need not provide copies of uniform national forms it intends to use but should note its intention to use such forms.

(e) A complete description of the State's compliance tracking and enforcement program.

(f) A description of the State manifest tracking system, and of the procedures the State will use to coordinate information with other approved State programs and the Federal program regarding interstate and international shipments.

(g) An estimate of the number of the following:

(1) Generators;

(2) Transporters; and

(3) On- and off-site storage, treatment and disposal facilities, and a brief description of the types of facilities and an indication of the permit status of these facilities.

(h) If available, an estimate of the annual quantities of hazardous wastes generated within the State; transported into and out of the State; and stored, treated, or disposed of within the State: On-site; and Off-site.

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