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Title 40

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§ 180.123 Inorganic bromide residues resulting from fumigation with methyl bromide; tolerances for residues.

(a) General.

(1) Tolerances are established for residues of inorganic bromides (calculated as Br) in or on the following food commodities which have been fumigated with the antimicrobial agent and insecticide methyl bromide after harvest (with the exception of strawberry):

Commodity Parts per million Expiration/Revocation Date
Alfalfa, hay, postharvest 50.0 10/31/11
Almond, postharvest 200.0 None
Apple, postharvest 5.0 None
Apricot, postharvest 20.0 None
Artichoke, jerusalem, postharvest 30.0 None
Asparagus, postharvest 100.0 None
Avocado, postharvest 75.0 None
Barley, grain, postharvest 50.0 None
Bean, lima, postharvest 50.0 None
Bean, postharvest 50.0 None
Bean, snap, succulent, postharvest 50.0 None
Bean, succulent, postharvest 50.0 None
Beet, garden, roots, postharvest 30.0 None
Beet, sugar, roots, postharvest 30.0 None
Blueberry, postharvest 20.0 None
Butternut, postharvest 200.0 None
Cabbage, postharvest 50.0 None
Cacao bean, roasted bean, postharvest 50.0 None
Cantaloupe, postharvest 20.0 None
Carrot, roots, postharvest 30.0 None
Cashew, postharvest 200.0 None
Cherry, sweet, postharvest 20.0 None
Cherry, tart, postharvest 20 None
Chestnut, postharvest 200.0 None
Cippolini, bulb, postharvest 50.0 None
Citron, citrus, postharvest 30.0 None
Coconut, copra, postharvest 100.0 None
Coffee, bean, green, postharvest 75.0 None
Corn, field, grain, postharvest 50.0 None
Corn, pop, postharvest 240.0 None
Corn, sweet, kernel plus cob with husks removed, postharvest 50.0 None
Cotton, undelinted seed, postharvest 200.0 10/31/11
Cucumber, postharvest 30.0 None
Cumin, seed, postharvest 100.0 None
Eggplant, postharvest 20.0 None
Garlic, postharvest 50.0 None
Ginger, postharvest 100.0 None
Grape, postharvest 20.0 None
Grapefruit, postharvest 30.0 None
Hazelnut, postharvest 200.0 None
Horseradish, postharvest 30.0 None
Kumquat, postharvest 30.0 None
Lemon, postharvest 30.0 None
Lime, postharvest 30.0 None
Melon, honeydew, postharvest 20.0 None
Muskmelon, postharvest 20.0 None
Nectarine, postharvest 20.0 None
Nut, brazil, postharvest 200.0 None
Nut, hickory, postharvest 200.0 None
Nut, macadamia, postharvest 200.0 None
Oat, postharvest 50.0 None
Okra, postharvest 30.0 None
Onion, bulb, postharvest 20.0 None
Onion, green, postharvest 20.0 None
Orange, postharvest 30.0 None
Parsnip, roots, postharvest 30.0 None
Peach, postharvest 20.0 None
Peanut, postharvest 200.0 None
Pear, postharvest 5.0 None
Pea, blackeyed, postharvest 50.0 None
Pea, postharvest 50.0 None
Pecan, postharvest 200.0 None
Pepper, postharvest 30.0 None
Pimento, postharvest 30.0 None
Pineapple, postharvest 20.0 None
Pistachio, postharvest 200.0 None
Plum, postharvest 20.0 None
Pomegranate, postharvest 100.0 None
Potato, postharvest 75.0 None
Pumpkin, postharvest 20.0 None
Quince, postharvest 5.0 None
Radish, postharvest 30.0 None
Rice, grain, postharvest 50.0 None
Rutabaga, roots, postharvest 30.0 None
Rutabaga, tops, postharvest 30.0 None
Rye, grain, postharvest 50.0 None
Salsify, roots, postharvest 30.0 None
Sorghum, grain, grain, postharvest 50.0 None
Soybean, postharvest 200.0 None
Squash, summer, postharvest 30.0 None
Squash, winter, postharvest 20.0 None
Squash, zucchini, postharvest 20.0 None
Strawberry, postharvest 60.0 None
Sweet potato, postharvest 75.0 None
Tangerine, postharvest 30.0 None
Timothy, hay, postharvest 50.0 10/19/10
Tomato, postharvest 20.0 None
Turnip, roots, postharvest 30.0 None
Walnut, postharvest 200.0 None
Watermelon, postharvest 20.0 None
Wheat 50.0 None

(2) Inorganic bromide may be present as a residue in certain processed food in accordance with the following conditions:

(i) When inorganic bromide residues are present as a result of fumigation of the processed food with methyl bromide or from such fumigation in addition to the authorized use of methyl bromide on the source raw agricultural commodity, as provided for in this part, the total residues of inorganic bromides (calculated as Br) shall not exceed the following levels:

(A) 400 parts per million in or on egg, dried and herb, processed and spice.

(B) 325 parts per million in or on cheese, parmesan and cheese, roquefort cheese.

(C) 250 parts per million in or on tomato, concentrated products and fig, dried fruit.

(D) 125 parts per million in or on processed food other than those listed above.

(ii) When inorganic bromide residues are present in malt beverage, fermented in accordance with 21 CFR 172.730(a)(2), the amount shall not exceed 25 parts per million (calculated as Br).

(iii) Where tolerances are established on both the raw agricultural commodities and processed food made therefrom, the total residues of inorganic bromides in or on the processed food shall not be greater than those designated in paragraph (a)(2) of this section, unless a higher level is established elsewhere in this part.

(3) Tolerances are established for residues of inorganic bromides (calculated as Br) as follows:

(i) 400 parts per million for residues in or on dog food, resulting from fumigation with methyl bromide.

(ii) 125 parts per million for residues in or on processed commodities for animal feedstuffs from barley, corn, grain sorghum, oat, rice, rye and wheat, resulting directly from fumigation with methyl bromide or from carryover and concentration of residues of inorganic bromides from fumigation of the grains with methyl bromide.

(b) Section 18 emergency exemptions. [Reserved]

(c) Tolerances with regional registrations. A tolerance with regional registration, as defined in § 180.1(l), is established for residues of inorganic bromides (calculated as Br) in or on the following food commodity grown in soil fumigated with methyl bromide.

Commodity Parts per million
Ginger, postharvest 100

(d) Indirect or inadvertent residues. [Reserved]

[71 FR 74812, Dec. 13, 2006, as amended at 75 FR 60239, Sept. 29, 2010]