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Title 34

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Title 34

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§ 361.731 What are the steps to determine the amount to be paid under the State one-stop infrastructure funding mechanism?

(a) To initiate the State funding mechanism, a Local WDB that has not reached consensus on methods of sufficiently funding local infrastructure through the local funding mechanism as provided in § 361.725 must notify the Governor by the deadline established by the Governor under § 361.705(b)(3).

(b) Once a Local WDB has informed the Governor that no consensus has been reached:

(1) The Local WDB must provide the Governor with local negotiation materials in accordance with § 361.735(a).

(2) The Governor must determine the one-stop center budget by either:

(i) Accepting a budget previously agreed upon by partner programs in the local negotiations, in accordance with § 361.735(b)(1); or

(ii) Creating a budget for the one-stop center using the State WDB formula (described in § 361.745) in accordance with § 361.735(b)(3).

(3) The Governor then must establish a cost allocation methodology to determine the one-stop partner programs' proportionate shares of infrastructure costs, in accordance with § 361.736.


(i) Using the methodology established under paragraph (b)(2)(ii) of this section, and taking into consideration the factors concerning individual partner programs listed in § 361.737(b)(2), the Governor must determine each partner's proportionate share of the infrastructure costs, in accordance with § 361.737(b)(1), and

(ii) In accordance with § 361.730(c), in some instances, the Governor does not determine a partner program's proportionate share of infrastructure funding costs, in which case it must be determined by the entities named in § 361.730(c)(1) and (2).

(5) The Governor must then calculate the statewide caps on the amounts that partner programs may be required to contribute toward infrastructure funding, according to the steps found at § 361.738(a)(1) through (4).

(6) The Governor must ensure that the aggregate total of the infrastructure contributions according to proportionate share required of all local partner programs in local areas under the State funding mechanism do not exceed the cap for that particular program, in accordance with § 361.738(b)(1). If the total does not exceed the cap, the Governor must direct each one-stop partner program to pay the amount determined under § 361.737(a) toward the infrastructure funding costs of the one-stop center. If the total does exceed the cap, then to determine the amount to direct each one-stop program to pay, the Governor may:

(i) Ascertain, in accordance with § 361.738(b)(2)(i), whether the local partner or partners whose proportionate shares are calculated above the individual program caps are willing to voluntarily contribute above the capped amount to equal that program's proportionate share; or

(ii) Choose from the options provided in § 361.738(b)(2)(ii), including having the local area re-enter negotiations to reassess each one-stop partner's proportionate share and make adjustments or identify alternate sources of funding to make up the difference between the capped amount and the proportionate share of infrastructure funding of the one-stop partner.

(7) If none of the solutions given in paragraphs (b)(6)(i) and (ii) of this section prove to be viable, the Governor must reassess the proportionate shares of each one-stop partner so that the aggregate amount attributable to the local partners for each program is less than that program's cap amount. Upon such reassessment, the Governor must direct each one-stop partner program to pay the reassessed amount toward the infrastructure funding costs of the one-stop center.