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Title 24

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Subpart D - Training of Installers in HUD-Administered States
§ 3286.301 Purpose.

The purpose of this subpart D is to establish the requirements for a person to qualify to provide the training required under subpart C of this part. This training is required for manufactured home installers who want to be licensed in accordance with the HUD-administered installation program.

§ 3286.303 Responsibilities of qualified trainers.

(a) Curriculum and hours. In providing training to installers for the purpose of qualifying installers under the HUD-administered installation program, qualified trainers must adequately address the curriculum and instruction-time requirements established in subparts C and D of this part.

(b) Attendance records. Qualified trainers must maintain records of the times, locations, names of attendees at each session, and content of all courses offered. When an attendee misses a significant portion of any training session, the trainer must assure that the attendee makes up the missed portion of the instruction.

(c) Certificates of completion of training. Qualified trainers must provide certificates of completion to course attendees that indicate the level of compliance with the applicable curriculum and time requirements under subparts C and D of this part.

(d) Record retention. All records maintained by trainers and continuing education providers must be retained for 3 years, and must be made available to HUD upon request.

(e) Testing of installers. Qualified trainers may be authorized to administer the installation license testing required for initial licensing of installers, as set forth in § 3286.205(c).

§ 3286.305 Installation trainer criteria.

(a) Trainer qualification required.

(1) All classes that provide manufactured home installation education classes used to satisfy the requirements for the initial issuance and renewal of installation licenses under subpart C of this part must be taught by trainers who are registered with HUD as qualified trainers. In order to register with HUD as a qualified trainer, a person must meet the experience requirements of this section.

(2) Any entity other than a natural person may also provide initial training and continuing education, as long as such entity establishes its qualification as a trainer by providing evidence and assurance that the entity's individual trainers meet the requirements of this section.

(b) Experience prerequisites. In order to qualify as a trainer, an individual or other training entity must provide to HUD evidence that each individual who will be responsible for providing training:

(1) Has a minimum of 3,600 hours of experience in one or more of the following:

(i) As a supervisor of manufactured home installations;

(ii) As a supervisor in the building construction industry;

(iii) In design work related to the building construction industry; or

(2) Has completed a 2-year educational program in a construction-related field.

(c) Certification of curriculum. In order to register as a qualified trainer, an individual or other training entity must submit to HUD certification that training provided in accordance with this subpart D will meet the curriculum requirements established in § 3286.308 or § 3286.309, as applicable.

§ 3286.307 Process for obtaining trainer's qualification.

(a) Where to apply. An applicant for qualification as a trainer must provide the applicant's legal name, address, and telephone number to HUD. The application, with all required information, must be sent to: Administrator, Office of Manufactured Housing Programs, HUD, 451 Seventh Street, SW., Room 9164, Washington DC 20410-8000, or to a fax number or e-mail address obtained by calling the Office of Manufactured Housing Programs. For convenience only, the URL of the Web site is, and the toll-free telephone number to contact the Office of Manufactured Housing Programs is 1-800-927-2891, extension 57.

(b) Proof of experience.

(1) Every individual applicant for initial qualification as a trainer must submit verification of the experience required in § 3286.305. This verification may be in the form of statements by past or present employers or a self-certification that the applicant meets those experience requirements, but HUD may contact the applicant for additional verification at any time. The applicant must also provide to HUD employment information relevant to the applicant's experience as a trainer, including the dates and type of such employment. A trainer who is licensed, or otherwise certified, to provide manufactured home installation training in a state with a qualifying installation program may seek an exemption from the experience requirement by submitting proof of such license or other certification. An individual who applies for renewal qualification as a trainer is not required to submit additional proof of experience.

(2) An entity that seeks to be designated as a qualified trainer must provide evidence and assurance that the entity's individual trainers meet the experience requirements in § 3286.305.

(c) Other qualification information.

(1) An applicant for initial or renewal qualification as a trainer must submit to HUD a list of all states in which the applicant has had a similar training qualification revoked, suspended, or denied.

(2) An applicant also must submit to HUD a certification that training provided in accordance with this subpart D will meet the curriculum requirements established in § 3286.308 or § 3286.309, as applicable.

(d) Confirmation or denial of qualification.

(1) When HUD confirms that an applicant has met the experience and curriculum requirements in this section, HUD will either:

(i) Provide to the applicant a written confirmation that the applicant is a qualified trainer under this part, and will add the applicant's name to a list maintained by HUD of qualified trainers; or

(ii) Provide a written explanation of why HUD deems the applicant to not qualify as a trainer, including on grounds applicable under § 3286.311 for suspension or revocation of a qualification and any other specified evidence of inability to meet the requirements of this part.

(2) An applicant whose qualification is denied by HUD may request an opportunity for a presentation of views, in accordance with subpart D of part 3282 of this chapter, for the purpose of establishing the applicant's qualifications to be a qualified trainer or the adequacy of any training curriculum that is challenged by HUD.

(e) Assignment of qualification prohibited. A qualification issued under this subpart D may not be transferred, assigned, or pledged to another entity or individual.

§ 3286.308 Training curriculum.

(a) Curriculum for initial installer licensing. The training provided by qualified trainers to installers to meet the initial requirements of the HUD-administered installation program must include at least 12 hours of training, at least 4 hours of which must consist of training on the federal installation standards in part 3285 of this chapter and the installation program regulations in this part. The curriculum must include, at a minimum, training in the following areas:

(1) An overview of the Act and the general regulatory structure of the HUD manufactured housing program;

(2) An overview of the manufactured home installation standards and regulations established in parts 3285 and 3286 of this chapter, and specific instruction including:

(i) Preinstallation considerations;

(ii) Site preparation;

(iii) Foundations;

(iv) Anchorage against wind;

(v) Optional features, including comfort cooling systems;

(vi) Ductwork and plumbing and fuel supply systems;

(vii) Electrical systems; and

(viii) Exterior and interior close-up work;

(3) An overview of the construction and safety standards and regulations found in parts 3280 and 3282 of this chapter;

(4) Licensing requirements applicable to installers;

(5) Installer responsibilities for correction of improper installation, including installer obligations under applicable state and HUD manufactured housing dispute resolution programs;

(6) Inspection requirements and procedures;

(7) Problem-reporting mechanisms;

(8) Operational checks and adjustments; and

(9) Penalties for any person's failure to comply with the requirements of this part 3286 and parts 3285 and 3288 of this chapter.

(b) Updating curriculum. Qualified trainers must revise and modify course curriculum as needed to include, at a minimum, any relevant modifications to the Act or the implementing standards and regulations in this chapter, as well as to provide any training further mandated by HUD.

§ 3286.309 Continuing education-trainers and curriculum.

(a) HUD-mandated elements. Only qualified trainers are permitted to provide any training on particular subject areas that are required by HUD to be an element of the continuing education requirement set out in § 3286.205(b)(2) for the renewal of an installer's license. In implementing this requirement, HUD will:

(1) Establish the minimum number of hours and the required curriculum for such subject areas, according to experience with the program and changes in program requirements; and

(2) Provide information about the hours and curriculum directly to qualified trainers and licensed installers, or through general publication of the information.

(b) Other training.

(1) The remainder of the 8 hours required to meet the continuing education requirement may be met through training provided either by qualified trainers or by any combination of the following:

(i) Accredited educational institutions, including community colleges and universities;

(ii) A provider of continuing education units who is certified by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training;

(iii) Agencies at any level of government; and

(iv) State or national professional associations.

(2) The curriculum for the remainder of the 8 hours of continuing education training must relate to any aspect of manufactured home installation or construction, or to the general fields of building construction or contracting.

§ 3286.311 Suspension or revocation of trainer's qualification.

(a) Oversight. The Secretary may make a continuing evaluation of the manner in which each qualified trainer is carrying out the trainer's responsibilities under this subpart D.

(b) Suspension or revocation of qualification. After notice and an opportunity for a presentation of views in accordance with subpart D of part 3282 of this chapter, the Secretary may suspend or revoke a trainer's qualification under this part. A trainer's qualification may be suspended or revoked for cause, which may include:

(1) Providing false records or information to HUD;

(2) Refusing to submit information required to be submitted by the Secretary in accordance with the Act;

(3) Certifying, or improperly assisting certification of, a person as having met the training requirements established in this part when that person has not completed the required training;

(4) Failing to appropriately supervise installation training that is used to meet the requirements of this part and that is provided by other persons; and

(5) Any other failures to comply with the requirements of this part.

(c) Other criteria. In deciding whether to suspend or revoke a trainer's qualification, the Secretary will consider the impact of the suspension or revocation on other affected parties and will seek to assure that the sales and siting of manufactured homes are not unduly disrupted.

(d) Reinstating qualification. A trainer whose qualification has been suspended or revoked may submit a new application to be qualified in accordance with this subpart D no sooner than 6 months after the date of suspension or revocation. A trainer whose qualification has been suspended may also reinstate the qualification in any manner provided under the terms of the suspension.

§ 3286.313 Expiration and renewal of trainer qualification.

(a) Expiration. Each notice of qualification issued or renewed under this subpart D will expire 5 years after the date of its issuance or renewal.

(b) Renewal. An application for the renewal of a trainer qualification must be submitted to HUD in accordance with § 3286.307, and must be submitted at least 60 days before the date the trainer's term of qualification expires. Any person applying for a qualification renewal after the date the qualification expires must apply for a new qualification, following the requirements established under this subpart D for application for initial qualification as an installation trainer.