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Title 24

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Title 24

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Subpart L - Manufacturer, IPIA and SAA Reports
§ 3282.551 Scope and purpose.

This subpart describes the reports which shall be submitted by manufacturers, PIAs and SAAs as part of the system of enforcement established under these regulations. Additional reports described in subpart I are required when corrective actions are taken under that subpart.

§ 3282.552 Manufacturer reports for joint monitoring fees.

The manufacturer must submit to the IPIA in each of its manufacturing plants, and to HUD or to the Secretary's agent, a monthly production report that includes the serial numbers of each manufactured home manufactured and labeled at that plant during the preceding month. The report must also include the date of manufacture, State of first location of these manufactured homes after leaving the plant, type of unit, and any other information required under this part. For all homes to be completed pursuant to subpart M of these regulations, the production report must also include a brief description of the work to be completed on site. The State of first location is the State of the premises of the retailer or purchaser to whom the manufactured home is first shipped. The monthly report must be submitted by the 10th day of each month and contain information describing the manufacturer's previous month's activities. The manufacturer is encouraged to submit the report electronically, when feasible.

[80 FR 53727, Sept. 8, 2015]

§ 3282.553 IPIA reports.

Each IPIA shall submit by the twentieth day of each month to each SAA, or if no SAA to the Secretary, in each state where it is engaged in the inspection of manufacturing plants, a report of the operations of each manufacturer in that State for the preceding month which includes the following information:

(a) The number of single-wide and double-wide manufactured homes labeled in the preceding month;

(b) The number of inspection visits made to each manufacturing plant in the preceding month; and

(c) The number of manufactured homes with a failure to conform to the standards or an imminent safety hazard during the preceding month found in the manufacturing plant.

The manufacturers report for the preceding month described in § 3282.552 shall be attached to each such IPIA report as an appendix thereto.

§ 3282.554 SAA reports.

Each SAA shall submit, prior to the last day of each month, to the Secretary a report covering the preceding month which includes:

(a) The description and status of all presentations of views, hearings and other legal actions during the preceding month; and

(b) The description of the SAA's oversight activities and findings regarding consumer complaints, notification, and correction actions during the preceding month. The IPIA report for the preceding month described in § 3282.553, as well as any orders issued pursuant to 3282.413 and manufacturer reports under § 3282.417(a), which were received during the preceding month, are to be attached to each such SAA report as an Appendix thereto.

[41 FR 19852, May 13, 1976, as amended at 78 FR 60208, Oct. 1, 2013]