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Title 24

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Title 24

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§ 3282.414 Replacement or repurchase of homes after sale to purchaser.

(a) Order to replace or repurchase. Whenever a manufacturer cannot correct or remove an imminent safety hazard or a serious defect in a manufactured home, for which there is a completed sale to a purchaser, within 60 days of the issuance of an order under § 3282.413 or any extension of the 60-day deadline that has been granted by the Secretary in accordance with § 3282.413(c)(3), the Secretary or, if authorized in writing by the Secretary in accordance with § 3282.413(a)(3), the SAA may require that the manufacturer:

(1) Replace the manufactured home with a home that:

(i) Is substantially equal in size, equipment, and quality; and

(ii) Either is new or is in the same condition that the defective manufactured home would have been in at the time of discovery of the imminent safety hazard or serious defect had the imminent safety hazard or serious defect not existed; or

(2) Take possession of the manufactured home, if the Secretary or the SAA so orders, and refund the purchase price in full, except that the amount of the purchase price may be reduced by a reasonable amount for depreciation if the home has been in the possession of the owner for more than one year and the amount of depreciation is based on:

(i) Actual use of the home; and

(ii) An appraisal system approved by the Secretary or the SAA that does not take into account damage or deterioration resulting from the imminent safety hazard or serious defect.

(b) Factors affecting order. In determining whether to order replacement or refund by the manufacturer, the Secretary or the SAA will consider:

(1) The threat of injury or death to manufactured home occupants;

(2) Any costs and inconvenience to manufactured-home owners that will result from the lack of adequate repair within the specified period;

(3) The expense to the manufacturer;

(4) Any obligations imposed on the manufacturer under contract, or other applicable law of which the Secretary or the SAA has knowledge; and

(5) Any other relevant factors that may be brought to the attention of the Secretary or the SAA.

(c) Owner's election of remedy. When under contract or other applicable law the owner has the right of election between replacement and refund, the manufacturer must inform the owner of such right of election and must inform the Secretary of the election, if any, made by the owner.

(d) Recordkeeping. The manufacturer must provide the report that is required by § 3282.417 when a manufactured home has been replaced or repurchased under this section.