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Title 24

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Title 24

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§ 3282.409 Contents of plan.

(a) Purpose of plan. This section sets out the requirements that must be met by a manufacturer in preparing any plan it is required to submit under § 3282.408. The underlying requirement is that the plan show how the manufacturer will fulfill its responsibilities with respect to notification and correction.

(b) Contents of plan. The plan must:

(1) Identify, by serial number and other appropriate identifying criteria, all manufactured homes for which notification is to be provided, as determined pursuant to § 3282.404;

(2) Include a copy of the notice that the manufacturer proposes to use to provide the notification required by § 3282.405;

(3) Provide for correction of those manufactured homes that are required to be corrected pursuant to § 3282.406(b);

(4) Include the IPIA's written concurrence or statement on the methods used by the manufacturer to identify the homes that should be included in the class of homes, as required pursuant to § 3282.404(b); and

(5) Include a deadline for completion of all notifications and corrections.

(c) Contents of notice. Except as otherwise agreed by the Secretary or the SAA reviewing the plan under § 3282.408, the notice to be approved as part of the plan must include the following:

(1) An opening statement that reads: “This notice is sent to you in accordance with the requirements of the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act.”

(2) The following statement: “[choose one, as appropriate: Manufacturer's name, or the Secretary, or the (insert State) SAA] has determined that [insert identifying criteria of manufactured home] may not comply with an applicable Federal Manufactured Home Construction or Safety Standard.”

(3) Except when the manufacturer is providing notice pursuant to an approved plan or agreement with the Secretary or an SAA under § 3282.408, each applicable statement must read as follows:

(i) “An imminent safety hazard may exist in (identifying criteria of manufactured home).”

(ii) “A serious defect may exist in (identifying criteria of manufactured home).”

(iii) “A defect may exist in (identifying criteria of manufactured home).”

(4) A clear description of the defect, serious defect, or imminent safety hazard and an explanation of the risk to the occupants, which must include:

(i) The location of the defect, serious defect, or imminent safety hazard in the manufactured home;

(ii) A description of any hazards, malfunctions, deterioration, or other consequences that may reasonably be expected to result from the defect, serious defect, or imminent safety hazard;

(iii) A statement of the conditions that may cause such consequences to arise; and

(iv) Precautions, if any, that the owner can, should, or must take to reduce the chance that the consequences will arise before the manufactured home is repaired;

(5) A statement of whether there will be any warning that a dangerous occurrence may take place and what that warning would be, and of any signs that the owner might see, hear, smell, or feel that might indicate danger or deterioration of the manufactured home as a result of the defect, serious defect, or imminent safety hazard;

(6) A statement that the manufacturer will correct the manufactured home, if the manufacturer will correct the manufactured home under this subpart or otherwise;

(7) A statement in accordance with whichever of the following is appropriate:

(i) Where the manufacturer will correct the manufactured home at no cost to the owner, the statement must indicate how and when the correction will be done, how long the correction will take, and any other information that may be helpful to the owner; or

(ii) When the manufacturer does not bear the cost of repair, the notification must include a detailed description of all parts and materials needed to make the correction; a description of all steps to be followed in making the correction, including appropriate illustrations; and an estimate of the cost of the purchaser or owner of the correction;

(8) A statement informing the owner that the owner may submit a complaint to the SAA or Secretary if the owner believes that:

(i) The notification or the remedy described therein is inadequate;

(ii) The manufacturer has failed or is unable to remedy the problem in accordance with its notification; or

(iii) The manufacturer has failed or is unable to remedy the problem within a reasonable time after the owner's first attempt to obtain remedy; and

(9) A statement that any actions taken by the manufacturer under the Act in no way limit the rights of the owner or any other person under any contract or other applicable law and that the owner may have further rights under contract or other applicable law.