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Title 24

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Title 24

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§ 3282.307 Monitoring inspection fee establishment and distribution.

(a) Each approved State shall establish a monitoring inspection fee in an amount required by the Secretary. This fee shall be an amount paid by each manufactured home manufacturer in the State for each transportable section of each manufactured housing unit produced by the manufacturer in that State. In non-approved and conditionally-approved States, the fee shall be set by the Secretary.

(b) The monitoring inspection fee shall be paid by the manufacturer to the Secretary or to the Secretary's Agent, who shall distribute a portion of the fees collected from all manufactured home manufacturers among the approved and conditionally-approved States in accordance with an agreement between the Secretary and the States and based upon the following formula subject to the availability of appropriations:

(1) $9.00 of the monitoring inspection fee collected for each transportable section of each new manufactured housing unit that is first located on the premises of a retailer, distributor, or purchaser in that State; plus

(2) $14.00 of the monitoring inspection fee collected for each transportable section of each new manufactured housing unit produced in a manufacturing plant in that State.

(c) A portion of the monitoring inspection fee collected also shall be distributed by the Secretary or the Secretary's Agent based on the extent of participation of the State in the Joint Team Monitoring Program set out in § 3282.308.

(d) To assure that a State devotes adequate funds to carry out its State Plan, a State may impose an additional reasonable inspection fee to offset expenses incurred by that State in conducting inspections. Such fee shall not exceed that amount which is the difference between the amount of funds distributed to the State as provided in paragraph (b) of this section and the amount necessary to cover the costs of inspections. Such fee shall be part of the State Plan pursuant to § 3282.302(b) (11) and (12) and shall be subject to the approval of the Secretary pursuant to § 3282.305.

(e) The Secretary may establish by notice in the Federal Register a monitoring inspection fee which is to be paid by manufacturers for each transportable section of each manufactured housing unit manufactured in nonapproved and conditionally approved States as described in § 3282.210. To determine the amount of the inspection fee to be paid for each transportable section of each manufactured home, the Secretary shall divide the (estimated) number of transportable sections of manufactured homes (based on recent industry production figures) into the anticipated aggregate cost of conducting the inspection program in the foreseeable feature. The time period selected for projecting the Department's inspection-related costs and number of transportable sections need not always be the same, but must be for a period of sufficient duration to provide for access to reasonable underlying data. To determine the aggregate cost of conducting the inspection program, the Secretary shall calculate the sum necessary to support:

(1) Inspection-related activities of State Administrative Agencies;

(2) Inspection-related activities performed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development;

(3) Inspection-related activities performed by monitoring inspection contractors;

(4) Miscellaneous activities involving the performance of inspection-related activities by the Department, including on-site inspections on an ad hoc basis; and

(5) Maintenance of adequate funds to offset short-term fluctuations in costs that do not warrant revising the fee under the authority of this section.

(f) The Secretary may at any time revise the amount of the fees established under paragraph (a) or (e) of this section by placing a notice of the amount of the revised fee in the Federal Register.

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