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Title 24

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Title 24

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§ 3282.203 DAPIA services.

(a) Each manufacturer shall have each manufactured home design and each quality assurance manual which it intends to follow approved by a DAPIA under § 3282.361. The manufacturer is free to choose which DAPIA will evaluate and approve its designs and quality assurance materials manufacturer may obtain design and quality assurance manual approval from a single DAPIA regardless of the number of plants in which the design and quality assurance manual will be followed. A manufacturer may also obtain approval for the same design and quality assurance manual from more than one DAPIA. The choice of which DAPIA or DAPIAs to employ is left to the manufacturer.

(b) The manufacturer shall submit to the DAPIA such information as the DAPIA may require in order to carry out design approvals. This information shall, except where the manufacturer demonstrates to the DAPIA that it is not necessary, include the following:

(1) Construction drawings and/or specifications showing structural details and layouts of frames, floors, walls and roofs, and chassis; material specifications, framing details, door locations, etc., for each floor plan proposed to be manufactured,

(2) Structural analysis and calculations, test data and/or other accepted engineering practices used by the manufacturer to validate the design,

(3) Complete heat loss calculations for each significant variation of home design,

(4) Floor plans showing room arrangement and sizes, window sizes, emergency exists and locations, locations of smoke alarms, fixed appliance range hoods, and other standards related aspects of the manufactured home that can be shown on the floor plans,

(5) Diagrams of the fuel supply system, potable water system and drain, waste and vent systems. The diagrams shall specify the types of materials used, types of fittings and methods of installing required safety equipment,

(6) Wiring diagrams, including circuit allocation of electrical load and branch circuit calculations, a table of the branch circuit protection provided, the type of wiring used, and wiring methods,

(7) Details showing the design of air supply and return systems,

(8) Details of chassis construction, components, connections and running gear including rating capacities of tires,

(9) A list of fixed and portable appliances furnished with the manufactured home, including type of appliance, rating of appliance, and applicable minimum and maximum performance ratings and/or energy requirements,

(10) Detailed manufacturer installation instructions including specifications and procedures for the erection and hook-up of the home at its permanent location, and

(11) Reports of all tests that were run to validate the conformance of the design to the standards.

(c) The manufacturer shall submit to the DAPIA such information as the DAPIA may require in order to carry out quality assurance manual approvals. At a minimum, this information shall include the quality assurance manual for which approval is sought. That manual shall include the manufacturer's quality assurance program, an organizational chart showing the accountability, by position, of the manufacturer's quality control personnel, a description of production tests and test equipment required for compliance with the standards, a station-by-station description of the manufacturing process, a list of quality control inspections required by the manufacturer at each station, and identification by title of each person who will be held accountable for each quality control inspection.

(d) Manufacturers may be required to furnish supplementary information to the DAPIA if the design information or the quality assurance manual is not complete or if any information is not in accordance with accepted engineering practice.

(e) When a manufacturer wishes to make a change in an approved design or quality assurance manual, the manufacturer shall obtain the approval of the DAPIA which approved the design or manual prior to production for sale. The procedures for obtaining such approval are set out in § 3282.361. When applicable under § 3282.605, the IPIA must concur in the change before it can be approved by the DAPIA.

(f) The information to be submitted to a DAPIA under § 3282.203 (b) and (c) may be prepared by the manufacturer's staff or outside consultants, including other DAPIAs. However, a DAPIA may not perform design or quality assurance manual approvals for any manufacturer whose design or manual has been created or prepared in whole or in part by members of the DAPIA's organization or of any affiliated organization.

(g) Each manufacturer shall maintain a copy of the drawings, specifications, and sketches from each approved design received from a DAPIA under § 3282.361(b)(4) in each plant in which manufactured homes are being produced to the design. Each manufacturer shall also maintain in each manufacturing plant a copy of the approved quality assurance manual received from a DAPIA under § 3282.361(c)(3) that is being followed in the plant. These materials shall be kept current and shall be readily accessible for use by the Secretary or other parties acting under these regulations.

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