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Title 24

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Title 24

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§ 3280.809 Grounding.

(a) General. Grounding of both electrical and nonelectrical metal parts in a manufactured home shall be through connection to a grounding bus in the manufactured home distribution panelboard. The grounding bus shall be grounded through the green-colored conductor in the supply cord or the feeder wiring to the service ground in the service-entrance equipment located adjacent to the manufactured home location. Neither the frame of the manufactured home nor the frame of any appliance shall be connected to the neutral conductor in the manufactured home.

(b) Insulated neutral.

(1) The grounded circuit conductor (neutral) shall be insulated from the grounding conductors and from equipment enclosures and other grounded parts. The grounded (neutral) circuit terminals in the distribution panelboard and in ranges, clothes dryers, counter-mounted cooking units, and wall-mounted ovens shall be insulated from the equipment enclosure. Bonding screws, straps, or buses in the distribution panelboard or in appliances shall be removed and discarded. However, when service equipment is installed on the manufactured home, the neutral and the ground bus may be connected in the distribution panel.

(2) Connection of ranges and clothes dryers with 120/240 volt, 3-wire ratings shall be made with 4 conductor cord and 3 pole, 4-wire grounding type plugs, or by type AC metal clad conductors enclosed in flexible metal conduit. For 120 volt rated devices a 3-conductor cord and a 2-pole, 3-wire grounding type plug shall be permitted.

(c) Equipment grounding means.

(1) The green-colored grounding wire in the supply cord or permanent feeder wiring shall be connected to the grounding bus in the distribution panelboard or disconnecting means.

(2) In the electrical system, all exposed metal parts, enclosures, frames, lamp fixture canopies, etc., shall be effectively bonded to the grounding terminal or enclosure of the distribution panelboard.

(3) Cord-connected appliances, such as washing machines, clothes dryers, refrigerators, and the electrical system of gas ranges, etc., shall be grounded by means of an approved cord with grounding conductor and grounding-type attachment plug.

(d) Bonding of noncurrent-carrying metal parts.

(1) All exposed noncurrent-carrying metal parts that may become energized shall be effectively bonded to the grounding terminal or enclosure of the distribution panelboard. A bonding conductor shall be connected between each distribution panelboard and an accessible terminal on the chassis.

(2) Grounding terminals shall be of the solderless type and approved as pressure-terminal connectors recognized for the wire size used. Star washers or other approved paint-penetrating fitting shall be used to bond terminals to chassis or other coated areas. The bonding conductor shall be solid or stranded, insulated or bare and shall be No. 8 copper minimum, or equal. The bonding conductor shall be routed so as not to be exposed to physical damage. Protection can be afforded by the configuration of the chassis.

(3) Metallic gas, water and waste pipes and metallic air-circulating ducts shall be considered bonded if they are connected to the terminal on the chassis (see § 3280.809) by clamps, solderless connectors, or by suitable grounding-type straps.

(4) Any metallic roof and exterior covering shall be considered bonded if

(i) the metal panels overlap one another and are securely attached to the wood or metal frame parts by metallic fasteners, and

(ii) if the lower panel of the metallic exterior covering is secured by metallic fasteners at a cross member of the chassis by two metal straps per manufactured home unit or section at opposite ends. The bonding strap material shall be a minimum of 4 inches in width of material equivalent to the skin or a material of equal or better electrical conductivity. The straps shall be fastened with paint-penetrating fittings (such as screws and star washers or equivalent).

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