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Title 24

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Title 24

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§ 3280.805 Branch circuits required.

(a) The number of branch circuits required shall be determined in accordance with the following:

(1) Lighting, based on 3 volt-amperes per square foot times outside dimensions of the manufactured home (coupler excluded) divided by 120 volts times amperes to determine number of 15 or 20 ampere lighting area circuits. e.g. [3 × length × width - [120 × (15 or 20)] = number of 15 or 20 ampere circuits. Lighting circuits are permitted to serve built-in gas ovens with electric service for lights, clocks, or timers, or for listed cord-connected garbage disposal units.

(2) Small Appliances. For the small appliance load in kitchens, pantries, dining rooms, and breakfast rooms of manufactured homes, two or more 20-ampere appliance branch circuits, in addition to the branch circuit specified in paragraph (a)(1) of this section, must be provided for all receptacle outlets in these rooms, and such circuits must have no other outlets. Countertop receptacle outlets installed in the kitchen must be supplied by not less than two small appliance branch circuits. One or more of the small appliance branch circuits may also supply other receptacle outlets in the kitchen, pantry, dining room, and breakfast room. Receptacles installed solely for the electrical supply to an electric clock and receptacles installed to provide power for supplemental equipment and lighting on gas-fired ranges, ovens, or counter-mounted cooking units are not subject to the requirements of this paragraph (a)(2).

(3) General appliances (Including furnace, water heater, range, and central or room air conditioner, etc.). There shall be one or more circuits of adequate rating in accordance with the following:

(i) The ampere rating of fixed appliances must not exceed 50 percent of the circuit rating if lighting outlets are on the same circuit (receptacles in the kitchen, dining area, and laundry are not considered to be lighting outlets);

(ii) For fixed appliances on a circuit without lighting outlets, the sum of rated amperes shall not exceed the branch-circuit rating. Motor loads or other continuous duty loads shall not exceed 80 percent of the branch circuit rating.

(iii) The rating of a single cord and plug connected appliances on a circuit having no other outlets, shall not exceed 80 percent of the circuit rating.

(iv) The rating of the range branch circuit is based on the range demand as specified for ranges in § 3280.811(a)(5). For central air conditioning, see Article 440 of the National Electrical Code, NFPA No. 70-2005.

(v) Where a laundry area is provided, a 20 ampere branch circuit shall be provided to supply laundry receptacle outlets. This circuit shall have no other outlets. See § 3280.806(a)(7).

(vi) Bathroom receptacle outlets must be supplied by at least one 20-ampere branch circuit. Such circuits must have no other outlets, except that it is permissible to place the receptacle outlet for a heat tape or pipe heating cable required by § 3280.806(d)(10) on a bathroom circuit. (See § 3280.806(b).)

(b) [Reserved]

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