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Title 24

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Title 24

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§ 201.27 Requirements for dealer loans.

(a) Dealer approval and supervision.

(1) The lender shall approve only those dealers which, on the basis of experience and information, the lender considers to be reliable, financially responsible, and qualified to satisfactorily perform their contractual obligations to borrowers and to comply with the requirements of this part. However, in no case shall the lender approve a dealer that is unable to meet the following minimum qualifications:

(i) Net worth. All property improvement and manufactured home dealers shall have and maintain a net worth of not less than $32,000 and $63,000, respectively. The required net worth must be maintained in assets acceptable to the Secretary.

(ii) Business experience. All property improvement loan and manufactured home dealers must have demonstrated business experience as a property improvement contractor or supplier, or in manufactured home retail sales, as applicable.

(2) The lender's approval of a dealer shall be documented on a HUD-approved form, signed and dated by the dealer and the lender under applicable criminal and civil penalties for fraud and misrepresentation, and containing information supplied by the dealer on its trade name, places of business, type of ownership, type of business, and names and employment history of the owners, principals, officers, and salespersons. The dealer shall furnish a current financial statement prepared by someone who is independent of the dealer and is qualified by education and experience to prepare such statements, together with such other documentation as the lender deems necessary to support its approval of the dealer. The lender shall obtain a commercial credit report on the dealer and consumer credit reports on the owners, principals, and officers of the dealership.

(3) The lender shall require each dealer to apply annually for reapproval. The dealer shall furnish the same documentation as is required under paragraph (a)(2) of this section to support its application for reapproval. In no case shall the lender reapprove a dealer that is unable to meet the minimum net worth requirements in paragraph (a)(1) of this section.

(4) The lender shall supervise and monitor each approved dealer's activities with respect to loans insured under this part. The lender shall visit each approved dealer's places of business at least once in every six months to review its Title I performance and compliance. The lender shall maintain a file on each approved dealer which contains the executed dealer approval form and supporting documentation required under paragraph (a)(2) of this section, together with information on the lender's experience with Title I loans involving the dealer. Each dealer file shall contain information about borrower defaults on Title I loans over time, records of completion or site-of-placement inspections conducted by the lender or its agent, copies of letters concerning borrower complaints and their resolution, and records of the lender's periodic review visits to the dealer's premises. The lender may also require that the dealer furnish records on individual loan transactions, if needed to enable the lender to review the dealer's Title I performance and compliance.

(5) If a dealer does not satisfactorily perform its contractual obligations to borrowers, does not comply with Title I program requirements, or is unresponsive to the lender's supervision and monitoring requirements, the lender shall terminate the dealer's approval and immediately notify the Secretary with written documentation of the facts. A dealer whose approval is terminated under these circumstances shall not be reapproved without prior written approval from the Secretary. The lender may in its discretion terminate the approval of a dealer for other reasons at any time.

(6) The lender shall require each approved (or reapproved) dealer to provide written notification of any material change in its trade name(s), place(s) of business, type of ownership, type of business, or principal individuals who control or manage the business. The dealer shall furnish such notification to the lender within 30 days after the date of any material change.

(7) As a condition of manufactured home dealer approval (or reapproval), the lender may require a manufactured home dealer to execute a written agreement that, if requested by the lender, the dealer will resell any manufactured home repossessed by the lender under a title I insured manufactured home purchase loan approved by the lender as a dealer loan involving that dealer.

(b) Provision for full or partial recourse. In the case of a dealer-originated manufactured home purchase loan or combination loan, the lender and the dealer may agree to a provision in the loan documents for partial or full recourse against the dealer, to reduce or eliminate the lender's loss in the event of foreclosure or repossession. Such recourse provision shall specify that, for a default occurring within a period of not more than three years from the date of the loan, the dealer shall reimburse the lender for a fixed percentage of the unpaid amount of the loan obligation, after deducting the proceeds from the sale of the property and any amounts received or retained by the lender after the date of default. However, the extent of the dealer's liability may not exceed 100 percent of the unpaid amount of the loan obligation prior to such deductions. When a claim is filed, the lender shall notify the Secretary if the loan was subject to a recourse agreement and whether the recourse agreement has been honored. If without the lender's approval a dealer has failed to honor its recourse obligation, the lender shall notify the Secretary and shall assign the recourse obligation to the Secretary in filing an insurance claim.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2502-0328)

[50 FR 43523, Oct. 25, 1985, as amended at 56 FR 52433, Oct. 18, 1991; 61 FR 19799, May 2, 1996; 66 FR 56420, Nov. 7, 2001]