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Title 24

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Title 24

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§ 5.512 Verification of eligible immigration status.

(a) General. Except as described in paragraph (b) of this section and § 5.514, no individual or family applying for assistance may receive such assistance prior to the verification of the eligibility of at least the individual or one family member. Verification of eligibility consistent with § 5.514 occurs when the individual or family members have submitted documentation to the responsible entity in accordance with § 5.508.

(b) PHA election to provide assistance before verification. A PHA that is a responsible entity under this subpart may elect to provide assistance to a family before the verification of the eligibility of the individual or one family member.

(c) Primary verification -

(1) Automated verification system. Primary verification of the immigration status of the person is conducted by the responsible entity through the INS automated system (INS Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE)). The INS SAVE system provides access to names, file numbers and admission numbers of noncitizens.

(2) Failure of primary verification to confirm eligible immigration status. If the INS SAVE system does not verify eligible immigration status, secondary verification must be performed.

(d) Secondary verification -

(1) Manual search of INS records. Secondary verification is a manual search by the INS of its records to determine an individual's immigration status. The responsible entity must request secondary verification, within 10 days of receiving the results of the primary verification, if the primary verification system does not confirm eligible immigration status, or if the primary verification system verifies immigration status that is ineligible for assistance under a Section 214 covered program.

(2) Secondary verification initiated by responsible entity. Secondary verification is initiated by the responsible entity forwarding photocopies of the original INS documents required for the immigration status declared (front and back), attached to the INS document verification request form G-845S (Document Verification Request), or such other form specified by the INS to a designated INS office for review. (Form G-845S is available from the local INS Office.)

(3) Failure of secondary verification to confirm eligible immigration status. If the secondary verification does not confirm eligible immigration status, the responsible entity shall issue to the family the notice described in § 5.514(d), which includes notification of the right to appeal to the INS of the INS finding on immigration status (see § 5.514(d)(4)).

(e) Exemption from liability for INS verification. The responsible entity shall not be liable for any action, delay, or failure of the INS in conducting the automated or manual verification.

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