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Title 21

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Title 21

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§ 1317.75 Collection receptacles.

(a) Collectors or Federal, State, tribal, or local law enforcement may manage and maintain collection receptacles for disposal.

(b) Only those controlled substances listed in Schedule II, III, IV, or V that are lawfully possessed by an ultimate user or other authorized non-registrant person may be collected. Controlled and non-controlled substances may be collected together and be comingled, although comingling is not required.

(c) Collectors shall only allow ultimate users and other authorized non-registrant persons in lawful possession of a controlled substance in Schedule II, III, IV, or V to deposit such substances in a collection receptacle at a registered location. Collectors shall not permit an ultimate user to transfer such substance to any person for any reason. Once a substance has been deposited into a collection receptacle, the substance shall not be counted, sorted, inventoried, or otherwise individually handled.

(d) Collection receptacles shall be securely placed and maintained:

(1) Inside a collector's registered location, inside law enforcement's physical location, or at an authorized long-term care facility;

(2) At a registered location, be located in the immediate proximity of a designated area where controlled substances are stored and at which an employee is present (e.g., can be seen from the pharmacy counter). Except as follows:

(i) At a hospital/clinic: A collection receptacle shall be located in an area regularly monitored by employees, and shall not be located in the proximity of any area where emergency or urgent care is provided;

(ii) At a narcotic treatment program: A collection receptacle shall be located in a room: That does not contain any other controlled substances and is securely locked with controlled access;

(iii) At a long-term care facility: A collection receptacle shall be located in a secured area regularly monitored by long-term care facility employees.

(e) A controlled substance collection receptacle shall meet the following design specifications:

(1) Be securely fastened to a permanent structure so that it cannot be removed;

(2) Be a securely locked, substantially constructed container with a permanent outer container and a removable inner liner as specified in § 1317.60 of this chapter;

(3) The outer container shall include a small opening that allows contents to be added to the inner liner, but does not allow removal of the inner liner's contents;

(4) The outer container shall prominently display a sign indicating that only Schedule II-V controlled and non-controlled substances, if a collector chooses to comingle substances, are acceptable substances (Schedule I controlled substances, controlled substances that are not lawfully possessed by the ultimate user, and other illicit or dangerous substances are not permitted); and

(f) Except at a narcotic treatment program, the small opening in the outer container of the collection receptacle shall be locked or made otherwise inaccessible to the public when an employee is not present (e.g., when the pharmacy is closed), or when the collection receptacle is not being regularly monitored by long-term care facility employees.

(g) The installation and removal of the inner liner of the collection receptacle shall be performed by or under the supervision of at least two employees of the authorized collector.