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Title 21

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Title 21

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§ 1317.70 Mail-back programs.

(a) A mail-back program may be conducted by Federal, State, tribal, or local law enforcement or any collector. A collector conducting a mail-back program shall have and utilize at their registered location a method of destruction consistent with § 1317.90 of this chapter.

(b) Only those controlled substances listed in Schedule II, III, IV, or V that are lawfully possessed by an ultimate user or person lawfully entitled to dispose of an ultimate user decedent's property may be collected. Controlled and non-controlled substances may be collected together and be comingled, although comingling is not required.

(c) Collectors or law enforcement that conduct a mail-back program shall make packages available (for sale or for free) as specified in this paragraph to ultimate users and persons lawfully entitled to dispose of an ultimate user decedent's property, for the collection of controlled substances by common or contract carrier. Any person may partner with a collector or law enforcement to make such packages available in accordance with this section. The packages made available shall meet the following specifications:

(1) The package shall be nondescript and shall not include any markings or other information that might indicate that the package contains controlled substances;

(2) The package shall be water- and spill-proof; tamper-evident; tear-resistant; and sealable;

(3) The package shall be preaddressed with and delivered to the collector's registered address or the participating law enforcement's physical address;

(4) The cost of shipping the package shall be postage paid;

(5) The package shall have a unique identification number that enables the package to be tracked; and

(6) The package shall include instructions for the user that indicate the process for mailing back the package, the substances that can be sent, notice that packages may only be mailed from within the customs territory of the United States (the 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico), and notice that only packages provided by the collector will be accepted for destruction.

(d) Ultimate users and persons lawfully entitled to dispose of an ultimate user decedent's property shall not be required to provide any personally identifiable information when mailing back controlled substances to a collector. The collector or law enforcement may implement a system that allows ultimate users or persons lawfully entitled to dispose of an ultimate user decedent's property to notify the collector or law enforcement that they are sending one of the designated packages by giving the unique identification number on the package.

(e) A collector that conducts a mail-back program pursuant to paragraph (a) shall:

(1) Accept only those controlled substances contained within packages that the collector made available for the collection of controlled substances by mail and packages that are lawfully forwarded to the collector pursuant to paragraph (e)(3) of this section.

(2) Within three business days of receipt, notify the Field Division Office of the Administration in their area of the receipt of a package that likely contains controlled substances that the collector did not make available or did not agree to receive pursuant to subparagraph (e)(3) of this section.

(3) When discontinuing activities as a collector or ceasing an authorized mail-back program:

(i) Make a reasonable effort to notify the public prior to discontinuing such activities or ceasing the authorized mail-back program; and

(ii) Obtain the written agreement of another collector that has and utilizes at its registered location a method of destruction consistent with § 1317.90 of this chapter to receive all remaining mail-back packages that were disseminated but not returned and arrange for the forwarding of only such packages to that location.

(f) Only law enforcement officers employed by the law enforcement agency or law enforcement component of a Federal agency and employees of the collector shall handle packages received through an authorized mail-back program. Upon receipt of a mail-back package by a collector conducting a mail-back program, the package shall not be opened, x-rayed, analyzed, or otherwise penetrated.