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Title 20

Displaying title 20, up to date as of 9/23/2021. Title 20 was last amended 8/27/2021.
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Title 20 Employees' Benefits Part / Section
Chapter V Employment and Training Administration, Department of Labor 600 – 699
Part 668 Indian and Native American Programs Under Title I of the Workforce Investment Act 668.100 – 668.940
Subpart A Purposes and Policies 668.100 – 668.150
§ 668.100 What is the purpose of the programs established to serve Native American peoples (INA programs) under section 166 of the Workforce Investment Act?
§ 668.120 How must INA programs be administered?
§ 668.130 What obligation do we have to consult with the INA grantee community in developing rules, regulations, and standards of accountability for INA programs?
§ 668.140 What WIA regulations apply to the INA program?
§ 668.150 What definitions apply to terms used in the regulations in this part?
Subpart B Service Delivery Systems Applicable to Section 166 Programs 668.200 – 668.296
Subpart C Services to Customers 668.300 – 668.380
Subpart D Supplemental Youth Services 668.400 – 668.460
Subpart E Services to Communities 668.500 – 668.530
§ 668.500 What services may INA grantees provide to or for employers under section 166?
§ 668.510 What services may INA grantees provide to the community at large under section 166?
§ 668.520 Must INA grantees give preference to Indian/Native American entities in the selection of contractors or service providers?
§ 668.530 What rules govern the issuance of contracts and/or subgrants?
Subpart F Accountability for Services and Expenditures 668.600 – 668.650
Subpart G Section 166 Planning/Funding Process 668.700 – 668.750
Subpart H Administrative Requirements 668.800 – 668.870
Subpart I Miscellaneous Program Provisions 668.900 – 668.940
§ 668.900 Does WIA provide regulatory and/or statutory waiver authority?
§ 668.910 What information is required to document a requested waiver?
§ 668.920 What provisions of law or regulations may not be waived?
§ 668.930 May INA grantees combine or consolidate their employment and training funds?
§ 668.940 What is the role of the Native American Employment and Training Council?