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Title 14

Displaying title 14, up to date as of 9/14/2021. Title 14 was last amended 9/10/2021.
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Title 14 Aeronautics and Space Part / Section
Chapter I Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation 1 – 199
Subchapter G Air Carriers and Operators for Compensation or Hire: Certification and Operations 110 – 139
Part 121 Operating Requirements: Domestic, Flag, and Supplemental Operations 121.1 – 121.1500
Subpart N Training Program 121.400 – 121.429
§ 121.400 Applicability and terms used.
§ 121.401 Training program: General.
§ 121.402 Training program: Special rules.
§ 121.403 Training program: Curriculum.
§ 121.404 Compliance dates: Crew and dispatcher resource management training.
§ 121.405 Training program and revision: Initial and final approval.
§ 121.406 Credit for previous CRM/DRM training.
§ 121.407 Training program: Approval of flight simulation training devices.
§ 121.408 Training equipment other than flight simulation training devices.
§ 121.409 Training courses using flight simulation training devices.
§ 121.410 Airline transport pilot certification training program.
§ 121.411 Qualifications: Check airmen (airplane) and check airmen (simulator).
§ 121.412 Qualifications: Flight instructors (airplane) and flight instructors (simulator).
§ 121.413 Initial, transition and recurrent training and checking requirements: Check airmen (airplane), check airmen (simulator).
§ 121.414 Initial, transition and recurrent training and checking requirements: flight instructors (airplane), flight instructors (simulator).
§ 121.415 Crewmember and dispatcher training program requirements.
§ 121.417 Crewmember emergency training.
§ 121.418 Differences training and related aircraft differences training.
§ 121.419 Pilots and flight engineers: Initial, transition, conversion and upgrade ground training.
§ 121.420 Pilots: Upgrade ground training.
§ 121.421 Flight attendants: Initial and transition ground training.
§ 121.422 Aircraft dispatchers: Initial and transition ground training.
§ 121.423 Pilots: Extended Envelope Training.
§ 121.424 Pilots: Initial, transition, conversion, and upgrade flight training.
§ 121.425 Flight engineers: Initial and transition flight training.
§ 121.426 Pilots: Upgrade flight training.
§ 121.427 Recurrent training.
§ 121.429 Pilots in command: Leadership and command and mentoring training.