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Title 14

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Title 14

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Subpart J - Waivers
§ 91.901 [Reserved]
§ 91.903 Policy and procedures.

(a) The Administrator may issue a certificate of waiver authorizing the operation of aircraft in deviation from any rule listed in this subpart if the Administrator finds that the proposed operation can be safely conducted under the terms of that certificate of waiver.

(b) An application for a certificate of waiver under this part is made on a form and in a manner prescribed by the Administrator and may be submitted to any FAA office.

(c) A certificate of waiver is effective as specified in that certificate of waiver.

[Doc. No. 18334, 54 FR 34325, Aug. 18, 1989]

§ 91.905 List of rules subject to waivers.


91.107 Use of safety belts.

91.111 Operating near other aircraft.

91.113 Right-of-way rules: Except water operations.

91.115 Right-of-way rules: Water operations.

91.117 Aircraft speed.

91.119 Minimum safe altitudes: General.

91.121 Altimeter settings.

91.123 Compliance with ATC clearances and instructions.

91.125 ATC light signals.

91.126 Operating on or in the vicinity of an airport in Class G airspace.

91.127 Operating on or in the vicinity of an airport in Class E airspace.

91.129 Operations in Class D airspace.

91.130 Operations in Class C airspace.

91.131 Operations in Class B airspace.

91.133 Restricted and prohibited areas.

91.135 Operations in Class A airspace.

91.137 Temporary flight restrictions.

91.141 Flight restrictions in the proximity of the Presidential and other parties.

91.143 Flight limitation in the proximity of space flight operations.

91.153 VFR flight plan: Information required.

91.155 Basic VFR weather minimums

91.157 Special VFR weather minimums.

91.159 VFR cruising altitude or flight level.

91.169 IFR flight plan: Information required.

91.173 ATC clearance and flight plan required.

91.175 Takeoff and landing under IFR.

91.176 Operations below DA/DH or MDA using an enhanced flight vision system (EFVS) under IFR.

91.177 Minimum altitudes for IFR operations.

91.179 IFR cruising altitude or flight level.

91.181 Course to be flown.

91.183 IFR radio communications.

91.185 IFR operations: Two-way radio communications failure.

91.187 Operation under IFR in controlled airspace: Malfunction reports.

91.209 Aircraft lights.

91.303 Aerobatic flights.

91.305 Flight test areas.

91.311 Towing: Other than under § 91.309.

91.313(e) Restricted category civil aircraft: Operating limitations.

91.515 Flight altitude rules.

91.707 Flights between Mexico or Canada and the United States.

91.713 Operation of civil aircraft of Cuban registry.

[Doc. No. 18334, 54 FR 34325, Aug. 18, 1989, as amended by Amdt. 91-227, 56 FR 65661, Dec. 17, 1991; Docket FAA-2013-0485, Amdt. 91-345, 81 FR 90175, Dec. 13, 2016; Docket FAA-2016-9154, Amdt. 91-348, 82 FR 39664, Aug. 22, 2017]

§§ 91.907-91.999 [Reserved]