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Title 12

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§ 303.182 Establishing, moving or closing a foreign branch of an insured state nonmember bank.

(a) Notice procedures for general consent. Notice in the form of a letter from an eligible depository institution establishing or relocating a foreign branch pursuant to § 347.117(a) of this chapter must be provided to the appropriate FDIC office no later than 30 days after taking such action. The notice must include the location of the foreign branch, including a street address. The FDIC will provide written acknowledgment of receipt of the notice.

(b) Filing procedures for other branch establishments -

(1) Where to file. An applicant seeking to establish a foreign branch other than under § 347.117(a) of this chapter shall submit an application to the appropriate FDIC office.

(2) Content of filing. A complete letter application must include the following information:

(i) The exact location of the proposed foreign branch, including the street address.

(ii) Details concerning any involvement in the proposal by an insider of the applicant, as defined in § 303.2(u) of this part, including any financial arrangements relating to fees, the acquisition of property, leasing of property, and construction contracts;

(iii) A brief description of the applicant's business plan with respect to the foreign branch; and

(iv) A brief description of the proposed activities of the branch and, to the extent any of the proposed activities are not authorized by § 347.115 of this chapter, the applicant's reasons why they should be approved.

(3) Additional information. The FDIC may request additional information to complete processing.

(c) Processing -

(1) Expedited processing for eligible depository institutions. An application filed under § 347.118(a) of this chapter by an eligible depository institution as defined in § 303.2(r) of this part seeking to establish a foreign branch by expedited processing will be acknowledged in writing by the FDIC and will receive expedited processing, unless the applicant is notified in writing to the contrary and provided with the basis for that decision. The FDIC may remove the application from expedited processing for any of the reasons set forth in § 303.11(c)(2) of this part. Absent such removal, an application processed under expedited processing is deemed approved 45 days after receipt of a substantially complete application by the FDIC, or on such earlier date authorized by the FDIC in writing.

(2) Standard processing. For those applications that are not processed pursuant to the expedited procedures, the FDIC will provide the applicant with written notification of the final action when the decision is rendered.

(d) Closing. Notices of branch closing under § 347.121 of this chapter, in the form of a letter including the name, location, and date of closing of the closed branch, shall be filed with the appropriate FDIC office no later than 30 days after the branch is closed.

[70 FR 17558, Apr. 6, 2005, as amended at 85 FR 72555, Nov. 13, 2020]