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Title 10

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Title 10

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§ 903.2 Definitions.

As used herein -

(a) Administrator means the Administrator of the PMA whose rate is involved in the rate adjustment, or anyone acting in such capacity.

(b) Department means the Department of Energy, including the PMAs but excluding the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

(c) FERC means the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

(d) Major rate adjustment means a rate adjustment other than a minor rate adjustment.

(e) Minor rate adjustment means a rate adjustment which

(1) will produce less than 1 percent change in the annual revenues of the power system or

(2) is for a power system which has either annual sales normally less than 100 million kilowatt hours or an installed capacity of less than 20,000 kilowatts.

(f) Notice means the statement which informs customers and the general public of Proposed Rates or proposed rate extensions, opportunities for consultation and comment, and public forums. The Notice shall be by and effective on the date of publication in the Federal Register. Whenever a time period is provided, the date of publication in the Federal Register shall determine the commencement of the time period, unless otherwise provided in the Notice. The Notice shall include the name, address, and telephone number of the person to contact if participation or further information is sought.

(g) Power Marketing Administration or PMA means the Alaska Power Administration, Southeastern Power Administration, Southwestern Power Administration, or Western Area Power Administration.

(h) Power system means a powerplant or a group of powerplants and related facilities, including transmission facilities, or a transmission system, that the PMA treats as one unit for the purposes of establishing rates and demonstrating repayment.

(i) Proposed Rate means a rate revision or a rate for a new service which is under consideration by the Department on which public comment is invited.

(j) Provisional Rate means a rate which has been confirmed, approved, and placed in effect on an interim basis by the Secretary or his or her designee.

(k) Rate means the monetary charge or the formula for computing such a charge for any electric service provided by the PMA, including but not limited to charges for capacity (or demand), energy, or transmission service; however, it does not include leasing fees, service facility charges, or other types of facility use charges. A rate may be set forth in a rate schedule or in a contract.

(l) Rate adjustment means a change in an existing rate or rates, or the establishment of a rate or rates for a new service. It does not include a change in rate schedule provisions or in contract terms, other than changes in the price per unit of service, nor does it include changes in the monetary charge pursuant to a formula stated in a rate schedule or a contract.

(m) Rate schedule means a document identified as a “rate schedule,” “schedule of rates,” or “schedule rate” which designates the rate or rates applicable to a class of service specified therein and may contain other terms and conditions relating to the service.

(n) Secretary means the Secretary of the United States Department of Energy.

(o) Short term sales means sales that last for no longer than one year.

(p) Substitute Rate means a rate which has been developed in place of the rate that was disapproved by the FERC.

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