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Title 41Subtitle CChapter 102Subchapter CPart 102-74

TITLE 41—Public Contracts and Property Management







What is the scope of this part?
What is the basic facility management policy?


What are the facility management responsibilities of occupant agencies?

Occupancy Services

What are occupancy services?
What responsibilities do Executive agencies have regarding occupancy services?
What standard in providing occupancy services must Executive agencies follow?
What building services must Executive agencies provide?

Concession Services

What are concession services?
When must Federal agencies provide concession services?
Are Federal agencies required to give blind vendors priority in operating vending facilities?
Are vending facilities authorized under the Randolph-Sheppard Act operated by permit or contract?
Are Federal agencies required to give blind vendors priority in operating cafeterias?
Are cafeterias authorized under the Randolph-Sheppard Act operated by permit or contract?
Are commercial vendors and nonprofit organizations required to operate vending facilities by permit or contractual arrangement?
May Federal agencies sell tobacco products in vending machines in Government-owned and leased space?

Conservation Programs

What are conservation programs?

Asset Services

What are asset services?
What asset services must Executive agencies provide?
What standard in providing asset services must Executive agencies follow?
Is a prospectus required to be submitted before emergency alterations can be performed?
Are prospectuses required for reimbursable alteration projects?
When a prospectus is required, can GSA prepare a prospectus for a reimbursable alteration project?
Who selects construction and alteration projects that are to be performed?
On what basis does the Administrator select construction and alteration projects?
What information must a Federal agency submit to GSA after the agency has identified a need for construction or alteration of a public building?
Who submits prospectuses for the construction or alteration of public buildings to the Congressional committees?

Energy Conservation

What energy conservation policy must Federal agencies follow in the management of facilities?
What actions must Federal agencies take to promote energy conservation?
What energy standards must Federal agencies follow for existing facilities?
May exceptions to the energy conservation policies in this subpart be granted?
Are Government-leased buildings required to conform with the policies in this subpart?
What illumination levels must Federal agencies maintain on Federal facilities?
What heating and cooling policy must Federal agencies follow in Federal facilities?
Are portable heaters, fans and other such devices allowed in Government-controlled facilities?
What ventilation policy must Federal agencies follow?
What information are Federal agencies required to report to the Department of Energy (DOE)?


What Federal facility ridesharing policy must Executive agencies follow?
What steps must Executive agencies take to promote ridesharing at Federal facilities?

Occupant Emergency Program

Who is responsible for establishing an occupant emergency program?
Are occupant agencies required to cooperate with the Designated Official in the implementation of the emergency plans and the staffing of the emergency organization?
What are Federal agencies' occupant emergency responsibilities?
Who makes the decision to activate the Occupant Emergency Organization?
What information must the Designated Official use to make a decision to activate the Occupant Emergency Organization?
How must occupant evacuation or relocation be accomplished when there is immediate danger to persons or property, such as fire, explosion or the discovery of an explosive device (not including a bomb threat)?
What action must the Designated Official initiate when there is advance notice of an emergency?

Parking Facilities

Who must provide for the regulation and policing of parking facilities?
Are vehicles required to display parking permits in parking facilities?
May Federal agencies authorize lessors or parking management contractors to manage, regulate and police parking facilities?
Are privately owned vehicles converted for propane carburetion permitted in underground parking facilities?
How must Federal agencies assign priority to parking spaces in controlled areas?
May Federal agencies allow employees to use parking spaces not required for official needs?
Who determines the number of employee parking spaces for each facility?
How must space available for employee parking be allocated among occupant agencies?
How must Federal agencies assign available parking spaces to their employees?
What measures must Federal agencies take to improve the utilization of parking facilities?


What is the smoking policy for interior space in Federal facilities?
Are there any exceptions to the smoking policy for interior space in Federal facilities?
Are designated smoking areas authorized in interior space?
What smoking restrictions apply to outside areas under Executive branch control?
Who is responsible for furnishing and installing signs concerning smoking restrictions in the building, and in and around building entrance doorways and air intake ducts?
Who is responsible for monitoring and controlling areas designated for smoking by an agency head and for identifying those areas with proper signage?
Does the smoking policy in this part apply to the judicial branch?
Are agencies required to meet their obligations under the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Act where there is an exclusive representative for the employees prior to implementing this smoking policy?
If a state or local government has a smoke-free ordinance that is more strict than the smoking policy for Federal facilities, does the state or local law or Federal policy control?

Accident and Fire Prevention

With what accident and fire prevention standards must Federal facilities comply?
What are the specific accident and fire prevention responsibilities of occupant agencies?



To whom does this subpart apply?


What items are subject to inspection by Federal agencies?

Admission to Property

What is the policy on admitting persons to Government property?

Preservation of Property

What is the policy concerning the preservation of property?

Conformity With Signs and Directions

What is the policy concerning conformity with official signs and directions?


What is the policy concerning disturbances?


What is the policy concerning gambling?

Narcotics and Other Drugs

What is the policy concerning the possession and use of narcotics and other drugs?

Alcoholic Beverages

What is the policy concerning the use of alcoholic beverages?

Soliciting, Vending and Debt Collection

What is the policy concerning soliciting, vending and debt collection?

Posting and Distributing Materials

What is the policy for posting and distributing materials?

Photographs for News, Advertising or Commercial Purposes

What is the policy concerning photographs for news, advertising or commercial purposes?

Dogs and Other Animals

What is the policy concerning dogs and other animals on Federal property?


May a woman breastfeed her child in a Federal building or on Federal property?

Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic

What is the policy concerning vehicular and pedestrian traffic on Federal property?


What is the policy concerning explosives on Federal property?


What is the policy concerning weapons on Federal property?


What is the policy concerning discrimination on Federal property?


What are the penalties for violating any rule or regulation in this subpart?

Impact on Other Laws or Regulations

What impact do the rules and regulations in this subpart have on other laws or regulations?


What is the scope of this subpart?

Application for Permit

Is a person or organization that wishes to use a public area required to apply for a permit from a Federal agency?
What information must persons or organizations submit so that Federal agencies may consider their application for a permit?
If an applicant proposes to use a public area to solicit funds, is the applicant required to make a certification?


How many days does a Federal agency have to issue a permit following receipt of a completed application?
Is there any limitation on the length of time of a permit?
What if more than one permit is requested for the same area and time?
If a permit involves demonstrations or activities that may lead to civil disturbances, what action must a Federal agency take before approving such a permit application?

Disapproval of Applications or Cancellation of Permits

Can Federal agencies disapprove permit applications or cancel issued permits?
What action must Federal agencies take after disapproving an application or canceling an issued permit?


How may the disapproval of a permit application or cancellation of an issued permit be appealed?
Will the affected person or organization and the Federal agency buildings manager have an opportunity to state their positions on the issues?
How much time does the Regional Officer have to affirm or reverse the Federal agency buildings manager's decision after receiving the notification of appeal from the affected person or organization?

Schedule of Use

May Federal agencies reserve time periods for the use of public areas for official Government business or for maintenance, repair and construction?

Hours of Use

When may public areas be used?

Services and Costs

What items may Federal agencies provide to permittees free of charge?
What are the items for which permittees must reimburse Federal agencies?
May permittees make alterations to the public areas?
What items are permittees responsible for furnishing?


What rules of conduct must all permittees observe while on Federal property?

Non-affiliation With the Government

May Federal agencies advise the public of the presence of any permittees and their non-affiliation with the Federal Government?


What is the scope of this subpart?
Are State and local governments required to fund the cost of installing, repairing, and replacing sidewalks?
How do Federal agencies arrange for work on sidewalks?
Who decides when to replace a sidewalk?


What Federal facility telework policy must Executive agencies follow?
What steps must agencies take to implement these laws and policies?
How can agencies obtain guidance, assistance, and oversight regarding alternative workplace arrangements from GSA?
Should Federal agencies utilize telework centers?
Appendix to Part 102-74—Rules and Regulations Governing Conduct on Federal Property

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