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Title 45Subtitle BChapter VIPart 671 → Subpart C

Title 45: Public Welfare

Subpart C—Permits

§671.6   Applications for permits.
§671.7   General issuance criteria.
§671.8   Permit administration.
§671.9   Conditions of permit.
§671.10   Review, modification, suspension, and revocation.

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§671.6   Applications for permits.

(a) General content of permit applications. Each application for a permit shall be dated and signed by the applicant, and shall include the following information:

(1) The applicant's name, address and telephone number, the business or institutional affiliation of the applicant, or the name, address and telephone number of the president, principal officer or managing partner of the applicant, as applicable;

(2) A description of the types, expected concentrations and volumes of wastes and designated pollutants to be released in Antarctica; the nature and timing of such releases; arrangements for waste management, including, without limitation, plans for waste reduction, minimization, treatment and processing, recycling, storage, transportation and disposal; arrangements for training and educating personnel to comply with these waste management requirements and procedures, and arrangements for monitoring compliance; and other arrangements for minimizing and monitoring the environmental impacts of proposed operations and activities;

(3) A description of the types, expected concentrations and volumes of designated pollutants to be used in Antarctica; the nature and timing of such uses; the method of storage of designated pollutants; and a contingency plan for controlling releases in a manner designed to minimize any resulting hazards to health and the environment;

(4) The desired effective date and duration of the permit; and

(5) The following certification:

“I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, and based upon due inquiry, the information submitted in this application for a permit is complete and accurate. Any knowing or intentional false statement will subject me to the criminal penalties of 18 U.S.C. 1001.”

(b) Address to which application should be sent. Each application shall be in writing, and sent to:

Permits Office, Office of Polar Programs, National Science Foundation, 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22230.

(c) Sufficiency of application. The sufficiency of the application shall be determined by the Director. The Director may waive any requirement for information, or require such additional information as he determines is relevant to the processing and evaluation of the application.

(d) Publication of permit applications. The Director shall publish notice in the Federal Register of each application for a permit and the proposed conditions of its issuance (including duration). The notice shall invite the submission by interested parties, the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies, within 30 days after the date of publication of notice, of written data, comments, or views with respect to the application. Information received by the Director as a part of any application shall be available to the public as a matter of public record.

[58 FR 34719, June 29, 1993, as amended at 59 FR 37438, July 22, 1994]

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§671.7   General issuance criteria.

(a) Upon receipt of a complete and properly executed application for a permit, the Director will decide whether and on what conditions he will issue a permit. In making this decision, the Director will carefully consider any comments or suggestions received from interested parties, the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies pursuant to §671.6(d), and will determine whether the permit requested meets the objectives of the Act, the Protocol, and the requirements of these regulations.

(b) Permits authorizing the use or release of designated pollutants or wastes may be issued only if, based on relevant available information, the Director determines that such use or release will not pose a substantial hazard to health or the environment, taking into account available information on the possible cumulative impact of multiple releases.

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§671.8   Permit administration.

(a) Issuance of permits. The Director may approve an application for a permit in whole or in part, and may condition such approval upon compliance with additional terms and conditions. Permits shall be issued in writing, shall be signed by the Director, shall specify duration, and shall contain such terms and conditions as may be established by the Director and as are consistent with the Act and this part.

(b) Denial. An applicant shall be notified in writing of the denial of any permit request or part of a request, and the reason for such denial. If authorized in the notice of denial, the applicant may submit further information, or reasons why the permit should not be denied. Such further submissions shall constitute amendments of the application.

(c) Amendment of applications or permits. An applicant or permit holder desiring to have any term or condition of his application or permit modified must submit full justification and supporting information in conformance with the provisions of this part. Any application for modification of a permit that involves a material change beyond the terms originally requested will be subject to the same procedures as a new application.

(d) Public notice of issuance or denial. Within 10 days after the date of the issuance or denial of a permit, the Director shall publish notice of the issuance or denial in the Federal Register, including the conditions of issuance or basis for denial, as appropriate.

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§671.9   Conditions of permit.

(a) Conditions. All permits issued pursuant to subpart C of this part shall be conditioned upon compliance with the relevant provisions of the ACA, the Treaty, the Protocol, such specific conditions or restrictions as may be imposed by the Director under §671.7, and the provisions of subpart D of this part.

(b) Possession of permits. Permits issued under this part, or copies of them, must be in the possession of persons to whom they are issued or their agents when conducting the authorized action. Any permit issued shall be shown to the Director or to any other person with enforcement authority upon request.

(c)(1) Reports. Permit holders must provide the Director with written reports of:

(i) Any non-permitted release of designated pollutants or waste within fourteen days after the occurrence of such release, including the date, quantity and cause of the release, and plans for remediation;

(ii) The identity and quantity of all designated pollutants removed from Antarctica or otherwise disposed of, and the method of disposal; and

(iii) Any other violations of the terms and conditions of their permits.

(2) The Director may also require permit holders to file reports of activities conducted under their permits. Such reports shall be submitted to the Director not later than June 30 for the preceding 12 month period ending May 31.

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§671.10   Review, modification, suspension, and revocation.

(a) The Director may modify, suspend or revoke, in whole or in part, any permit issued under this part:

(1) In order to make the permit consistent with any change to any regulation in this part made after the date of issuance of the permit;

(2) If there is any change in conditions which makes the permit inconsistent with the Act and any regulation in this part; or

(3) In any case in which there has been any violation of any term or condition of the permit, any regulation in this part, or any provision of the Act.

(b) The Director shall review all unexpired permits issued under this part at least biennially to determine whether those permits should be modified, suspended or revoked as set forth in paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) Whenever the Director proposes any modifications, suspensions or revocations of a permit under this §671.10, the permittee shall be afforded the opportunity, after due notice, for a hearing by the Director with respect to such proposed modification, suspension, or revocation. If a hearing is requested, the action proposed by the Director shall not take effect before a decision is issued by him after the hearing, unless the proposed action is taken by the Director to meet an emergency situation.

(d) Notice of the modification, suspension, or revocation of any permit shall be published in the Federal Register within 10 days from the date of the Director's decision.

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