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Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

e-CFR data is current as of June 4, 2020

Title 44Chapter ISubchapter DPart 208 → Subpart D

Title 44: Emergency Management and Assistance

Subpart D—Reimbursement Claims and Appeals

§208.51   General.
§208.52   Reimbursement procedures.
§§208.53-208.59   [Reserved]
§208.60   Determination of claims.
§208.61   Payment of claims.
§208.62   Appeals.
§208.63   Request by DHS for supplemental information.
§208.64   Administrative and audit requirements.
§208.65   Mode of transmission.
§208.66   Reopening of claims for retrospective or retroactive adjustment of costs.
§§208.67-208.70   [Reserved]

§208.51   General.

(a) Purpose. This subpart identifies the procedures that Sponsoring Agencies must use to request reimbursement from DHS for costs incurred under Response Cooperative Agreements.

(b) Policy. It is DHS policy to reimburse Sponsoring Agencies as expeditiously as possible consistent with Federal laws and regulations.

§208.52   Reimbursement procedures.

(a) General. A Sponsoring Agency must present a claim for reimbursement to DHS in such manner as the Assistant Administrator specifies .

(b) Time for submission. (1) Claims for reimbursement must be submitted within 90 days after the end of the Personnel Rehabilitation Period specified in the Demobilization Order.

(2) The Assistant Administrator may extend and specify the time limitation in paragraph (b)(1) of this section when the Sponsoring Agency justifies and requests the extension in writing.

§§208.53-208.59   [Reserved]

§208.60   Determination of claims.

When DHS receives a reviewable claim for reimbursement, DHS will review the claim to determine whether and to what extent reimbursement is allowable. Except as provided in §208.63 of this part, DHS will complete its review and give written notice to the Sponsoring Agency of its determination within 90 days after the date DHS receives the claim. If DHS determines that any item of cost is not eligible for reimbursement, its notice of determination will specify the grounds on which DHS disallowed reimbursement.

§208.61   Payment of claims.

DHS will reimburse all allowable costs for which a Sponsoring Agency requests reimbursement within 30 days after DHS determines that reimbursement is allowable, in whole or in part, at any stage of the reimbursement and appeal processes identified in this subpart.

§208.62   Appeals.

(a) Initial appeal. The Sponsoring Agency may appeal to the Program Manager any determination made under §208.60 of this part to disallow reimbursement of an item of cost:

(1) The appeal must be in writing and submitted within 60 days after receipt of DHS's written notice of disallowance under §208.60 of this part.

(2) The appeal must contain legal and factual justification for the Sponsoring Agency's contention that the cost is allowable.

(3) Within 90 days after DHS receives an appeal, the Program Manager will review the information submitted, make such additional investigations as necessary, make a determination on the appeal, and submit written notice of the determination of the appeal to the Sponsoring Agency.

(b) Final appeal. (1) If the Program Manager denies the initial appeal, in whole or in part, the Sponsoring Agency may submit a final appeal to the Deputy Assistant Administrator. The appeal must be made in writing and must be submitted not later than 60 days after receipt of written notice of DHS's determination of the initial appeal.

(2) Within 90 days following the receipt of a final appeal, the Deputy Assistant Administrator will render a determination and notify the Sponsoring Agency, in writing, of the final disposition of the appeal.

(c) Failure to file timely appeal. If the Sponsoring Agency does not file an appeal within the time periods specified in this section, DHS will deem that the Sponsoring Agency has waived its right to appeal any decision that could have been the subject of an appeal.

§208.63   Request by DHS for supplemental information.

(a) At any stage of the reimbursement and appeal processes identified in this subpart, DHS may request the Sponsoring Agency to provide supplemental information that DHS considers necessary to determine either a claim for reimbursement or an appeal. The Sponsoring Agency must exercise its best efforts to provide the supplemental information and must submit to DHS a written response that includes such supplemental information as the Sponsoring Agency is able to provide within 30 days after receiving DHS's request.

(b) If DHS makes a request for supplemental information at any stage of the reimbursement and appeal processes, the applicable time within which its determination of the claim or appeal is to be made will be extended by 30 days. However, without the consent of the Sponsoring Agency, no more than one such time extension will be allowed for any stage of the reimbursement and appeal processes.

§208.64   Administrative and audit requirements.

(a) Non-Federal audit. For Sponsoring Agencies and States, requirements for non-Federal audit are contained in 44 CFR 13.26, in accordance with OMB Circular A-133, Audits of States, Local Governments, and Non-Profit Organizations.

(b) Federal audit. DHS or the Government Accountability Office may elect to conduct a Federal audit of any payment made to a Sponsoring Agency or State.

§208.65   Mode of transmission.

When sending all submissions, determinations, and requests for supplemental information under this subpart, all parties must use a means of delivery that permits both the sender and addressee to verify the dates of delivery.

§208.66   Reopening of claims for retrospective or retroactive adjustment of costs.

(a) Upon written request by the Sponsoring Agency DHS will reopen the time period for submission of a request for reimbursement after the Sponsoring Agency has submitted its request for reimbursement, if:

(1) The salary or wage rate applicable to the period of an Activation is retroactively changed due to the execution of a collective bargaining agreement, or due to the adoption of a generally applicable State or local law, ordinance or wage order or a cost-of-living adjustment;

(2) The Sponsoring Agency or any Participating Agency incurs an additional cost because of a legally-binding determination; or

(3) The Deputy Director determines that other extenuating circumstances existed that prevented the Sponsoring Agency from including the adjustment of costs in its original submission.

(c) The Sponsoring Agency must notify DHS as early as practicable that it anticipates such a request.

§§208.67-208.70   [Reserved]

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